The Federal Government, prime contractors and professional service providers.

Fedmine serves these three distinct markets within the federal sector

Fedmine is the only business intelligence organization with a customizable, affordable product that addresses the unique needs of all 3 sectors of the federal contracting universe we call the FedCircle©.

Federal agencies sit at the center of our universe. Our platform automatically pulls from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS-NG) and other government sources in real time, empowering your team to slice, dice, analyze and take action faster than your competition.

Whether you’re an agency pushing your mission forward, a federal prime contractor looking to improve your win rate or a professional services company looking to grow, we can help simplify a complex federal contracting market. Our business intelligence platform and government business development services transform a disconnected market into an interconnected data ecosystem customized to your needs.

We help FedCircle© companies thrive. It’s really that simple.

Fedmine serves the entire FedCircle, consisting of federal government prime contractors, federal government agencies, and professional firms.

Check out our White Paper to learn more about the FedCircle and how Fedmine addresses the big data challenges of today.