Subcontractors in the Federal Sector

The FAR (Clause 44.101) defines a subcontractor as "any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to or for a prime contractor or another subcontractor."  The FAR further defines a Subcontract as "any contract as defined in subpart  2.1 entered into by a subcontractor to furnish supplies or services for performance of a prime contract or a subcontract. It includes but is not limited to purchase orders, and changes and modifications to purchase orders"

Subcontracting is a strategy that is used by a multitude of businesses.  It is used successfully:

  • by businesses that are new to federal contracting
  • it is also used by large companies that work with smaller businesses either to fulfill their specific socio-economic goals, work on an innovative solution or as part of their overall growth strategy
  • It is also used successfully by large companies and Joint Ventures that have specific socioeconomic goals and as part of their growth strategy. 

Fedmine provides valuable insights for both small and large federal government subcontractors, as well as channel vendors, to uncover potential partnerships and teaming opportunities with established prime contractors.

Discovering federal subcontracting opportunities may pose a challenge, but our platform simplifies the process of tracking federal subcontractor data to make it effortlessly accessible.

Although the data remains constant, its utilization varies depending on the specific requirements or functions of a company. Fedmine integrates the subcontract data with the prime contract at the task order level.  Our seamless integration allows our subcontract data to be utilized in a multitude of ways and provides the user:

  • Visibility into the existing subcontract trends by using filter that includes project requirements, socioeconomic indicators and place of performance.
    • View the prime contractors working with other subcontractors, at the task order level.
    • View the various subcontractors that are winning work.  Use this data to thoroughly understand your competitors by using the Fedmine Company Profiles
  • Insight into the subcontractors that are working at an agency, bureau, base or VISN and get visibility into the type of work that is subcontracted out.  Understand the teaming partners at a working on a project
  • Ability to identify subcontractors associated with GWAC and IDIQ contracts
  • Use our contract search feature to identify prime contracts that include subcontracting plan requirements, and easily download a targeted contact list to cultivate new partnerships. 

As collaboration through teaming and joint ventures becomes increasingly prevalent, finding a trustworthy partner is crucial. Conducting market research involves utilizing Federal Contract data to identify a partner based on their expertise, socio-economic factors, performance location, and past agency achievements.

Remember, that while examining the reported subcontract data unveils a company's historical subcontracting activities, it is important to look at their company profile which offers a comprehensive overview of their federal contract journey. This includes insights into protests, federal prime contracts, awarded subcontracts, and GAO protests - serving as a valuable assessment tool to determine if the company aligns with your goals and requirements.

Knowing when, on what, and how much the Federal Government is spending, together with who is winning that business and where the opportunities are coming from, empowers you to win your share of federal business!

 Competitive intelligence with spending trend analysis coupled with real-time reports gives you the intelligence you need to stay ahead. 

The Fedmine Value Proposition: Winning Federal Contracts and Subcontracts