Subcontractors in the Federal Sector

Fedmine gives potential small and largefederal government subcontractors, including channel vendors, the inside track on identifying partnering and teaming opportunities with incumbent prime contractors. Federal subcontracting opportunities are hard to find—but we have the experience of having been a subcontractor on many federal prime contracts in previous years, so we know how to help you find your subcontracting opportunities.


Transparency and Accountability of Agency Awards

  • Visualize your federal market first by identifying each prime contractor by agency
  • Select the strongest prime contractors by agency in your core competencies
  • Identify which incumbent prime contractors are selling your product if you are a channel vendor
  • Size your federal markets by geographic area and funded initiatives, for any agency
  • Identify all other federal government subcontractors doing business with incumbent primes you choose
  • Match your offerings to products or services sold by your select prime contractors
  • Obtain contact information on each prime contractor with full knowledge of their federal business portfolio prior to giving them a call
  • Increase efficacy of your federal business development efforts.

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Real-Time Competitive Intelligence for Federal Subcontractors

  • Find business prospects among incumbent prime contractors winning federal business in your core markets
  • Isolate competitors, whether small or large, by socioeconomic status or NAICS/PSC Code with powerful keyword Super Search
  • Know which Federal Agencies are awarding business and to whom
  • See what products and services are being requested by the government, most based on easily identifiable trends
  • Anticipate upcoming federal government contracts for bid and expiring contracts/grants from historical federal spending data
  • Set task order alerts to receive specific criteria for contract awards you want to know about

Knowing when, on what, and how much the Federal Government is spending, together with who is winning that business and where the opportunities are coming from, empowers you to win your share of federal business!

Large and small contractors, including those with a socioeconomic status agencies need to contract with to meet statutory goals, are all looking for innovative companies to team with and become their subcontractors. The prime contractors always want to know about the next business opportunity before it hits the streets. Fedmine makes tracking federal subcontractor opportunities as easy as it can get. Competitive intelligence with spending trend analysis coupled with real-time reports gives you the intelligence you need to stay ahead. Even better, it’s the only real time federal business intelligence solution that cuts across all federal market sectors including IT.

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Benefits to Subcontractors:

  • Increased awareness of federal spending in real time
  • Helps decision makers in the companies get information real time in their markets
  • Can capitalize on information to make better decisions because its timely and you’re more aware
  • Save time and money on manual resources and processes with Fedmine’s affordable and automated real-time platform
  • Eliminate doubts on the reliability of data accuracy
  • Easily juxtapose information and see it in a user friendly way
  • Cuts short your journey by orders of magnitude

The Fedmine Value Proposition: Winning Federal Contracts and Subcontracts

  • red-graphInformed Business Decisions and Planning

  • red-graphAccountability of Agency Awards
  • consolidatedFederal Business Development
  • alertsOpportunity Tracking and Alerts