The combined datasets of GovSpend and Fedmine provide the ability to target opportunities and conduct analysis that was not previously possible. A game-changing, cloud-based solution that turns disconnected data into valuable insights.

Providing a 360-degree view of what agencies are buying, who they are buying from, and what they paid.  Allowing users to target government sales opportunities, monitor competitors, and analyze agency spending. 

Below is additional information about GovSpend and the benefits of our two companies joining together.


What is GovSpend?

Founded in 2012, GovSpend is the leading business intelligence software company making buying and selling in the government marketplace easier & more efficient. GovSpend provides the most comprehensive, high-quality government purchasing data; powerful, easy-to-use analytic and reporting tools; and a nationwide information sharing platform to enable easier and more efficient government procurement.

GovSpend aggregates purchase order data from local, state and federal government agencies to provide searching, reporting and analysis capabilities. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offered to both government vendors and government agencies on a subscription basis. 


How does it Work?

GovSpend integrates purchasing data from federal, state, local and educational agencies into one, easy-to-use online platform. GovSpend utilizes a patented process to gather purchasing data directly from each agency, aggregates & normalizes the data, and enabling unlimited analytics & reporting.   


Why Use GovSpend?

  • View what government agencies are purchasing, who they are buying from, and what they paid 
  • Review pending Request for Proposals (RFPs) from federal, state, and local agencies
  • Track the sales and prices of industry competitors
  • Access to Agency Contacts with name, title, phone and email
  • Create targeted list of government agencies most likely to purchase from your company
  • Review Agency and Company organizational profiles
  • Review current and historical Agency Contractual Vehicles utilized to purchased high-volume products and services
  • Create customized email alerts to keep up-to-the-date on opportunities, agency updates, competitor awards, etc. 

Better Together

GovSpend targeted Fedmine to create one integrated solution that provides companies and agencies with unparalleled analyses and reporting capabilities. The combination of the GovSpend and Fedmine platforms creates the top resource for organizations buying and selling in the government marketplace.  

All of the information in ONE place for federal, state, local and education agencies.