About Us

FEDMINE began in 2004 as an idea that stemmed from Ashok Mehan’s intimate knowledge of the Federal Government Contracting world. His perspectives as a small business founder of three successful firms formulated his ideas to create an innovative product for achieving a level playing field for firms doing business in the federal sector. In this ‘About FEDMINE’ section he talks about how he set his goal on crafting a game-changing  approach to potentially transform the ability of small business to compete for sustainably within the Federal Sector.

With experiences filled with success and failure, he knew he had lived the challenges businesses face navigating the world of Federal Contracting. He also knew business opportunities knocked on doors only for those hardy enough to have outlasted setbacks. One is almost required to suffer in order to get a sense of the terrain that defines the federal marketplace. As a result, a certain amount of dogged perseverance is also required if one is serious enough to succeed. But sustaining endeavors in this peculiar federal world, and overcoming its undefined norms, is barely the tip of the federal iceberg.

It is the beginning of an arduous journey, that more often than not, can render efforts of many an individual beyond salvage.About FEDMINE is to make data understandable

If he could find a way to make the massive amounts of public information available on the Internet specific to federal spending easily understandable, and immediately available as soon as it is released …he figured he would have a game-changing service for all federally focused organizations.

One of the most surprising things Ashok found was despite the size of the US government business volume – the few companies offering a business intelligence service to aspiring contractors were relatively few. That remains true even today.  Of the companies that attempt to provide federal business information tend to be narrowly focused in some aspect or the other. Either focused on large corporate clients, or just federal spending on Information Technology…or just forward looking opportunities. Leaving federal agencies without a viable COTS solution, and non-IT firms comprising many small businesses simply on their own!

Today, FEDMINE is the ONLY solution to have filled that gap. Now that is the true thing about us!

Not a programmer himself, Ashok persevered in finding the expertise and the technology that would bring his vision to life.  It took several years of trial and error, design changes and edits, but by the summer of 2007, the FEDMINE web-based solution was ready for launch.  FEDMINE’s mission was to bring information, transparency, and accountability to the world of Government Contracts, and to put that intelligence into the hands of business owners to enable them to successfully compete for the huge opportunities available.

Since that time, FEDMINE has grown steadily.  Its utility has been recognized not only by the small businesses for whom it was originally conceived but by large corporations and Federal Agencies….. all of whom have similar needs, i.e., to acquire easy, consolidated, comprehensive knowledge (not data) of the entire Federal Government’s contracting and spending universe.

One thing about FEDMINE holds true, that is a game-changing resource for government and industry, just as Ashok initially envisioned. Until today it is still the only product that satisfies the broadest possible needs of the federal market, and to offer real-time data via a SAAS delivery model (Software As A Service). It is also the largest library of aggregated federal data sets on the Internet today, and leads it in the category of providing multiple disparate federal data sources through one easy to use application portal.

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