Automation. Efficiency. Mission. If these words ring true to you, then we definitely want to talk to you. FEDMINE.US is the only tool on the federal market that relies exclusively on automation for pulling data from different federal data sources. No manual step is ever involved, because they can be prone to error. That is why our data is considered to be the most reliable in the federal sector. Just ask anyone. Only reliable data can be of high quality, and that is the only kind that is ever suitable for informed decision-making.

For example, our system pulls key federal data from sixteen data sources. Our back-end processes carefully unify pertinent data from these aggregated sources to seamlessly create thousands of individual reports that are used by many organizations for a variety of business needs. The reports in FEDMINE are known for being powerful decision-making tools. It empowers agencies, prime contractors and subcontractors with an indispensable way to acquire data in real-time. FEDMINE.US is a work place that thrives on innovation. Interested in joining our team? Get LinkedIn with us

We are always looking for qualified business development professionals with Federal contracting knowledge and experience. Please contact us for the full job description and requirements.

FEDMINE is an online wealth of information, with a database that has tripled in size since 2007. It is constantly growing every day, because new information is created every day. That is why you need real-time data on a daily basis. If you have programming experience in open source technologies, we are interested in talking with you about opportunities that we currently have open.

Interested in joining our team? Please contact us at or call 301-279-7575.