To all federal prime contractors old and new….

Knowing when, on what, and how much the federal government is spending, together with who is winning that federal business, and from where are those federal opportunities are coming from (agency), is key to winning federal contracts period. When you know how to win a share of federal business you feel empowered, right? Or does any one of the following apply to you?

  • Are you one of many existing Federal Prime Contractors? Perhaps a subcontractor?
  • Are you seeking to win your first piece of federal business as a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor? Or perhaps looking to solidify your current federal business regardless of how small or large you are?
  • Do you want to receive real-time alerts when new federal business opportunities are announced?
  • Are you having a difficult time in assessing upcoming federal contract opportunities?
  • Do you want a list of all recompete expiring contract opportunities you care about that are coming up for re-bid? How about a list of all incumbents to go along with those recompetes with full task order history?
  • Do you want to find teaming partners to bid on upcoming contracts? Or form a joint venture (JV), using a HubZone, SDVOSB or 8a status?
  • Would it help to see federal business your competitors are winning? By agency, bureau and contracting office?
  • Do you need to identify the top large federal prime contractors in a given agency in order to sell to them? Along with contract and contact details of the exact subsidiary you should be talking to?
  • Do you want to acquire a list of all capable small business prime contractors by socioeconomic status with past performance by agency? For a specific geographic market? A certain industry? A particular Federal Agency? A specific size of company?
  • Would you like to receive an email alert when a solicitation or opportunity of interest is announced? How about an alert with full contract details when an agency, bureau of contracting office issues an award?
  • Perhaps you need a periodically generated report that saves you hours of work each time you receive, say like a GWAC Spending By Agency Report Spreadsheet?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, FEDMINE can help!

FEDMINE is the ONLY solution with the ability to unify historical federal spending data with real-time information from multiple federal sources. You don’t have to burden yourself endlessly processing data to make sense of it.

Use it for:

  • consolidated
    Federal Prospecting
  • Opportunity Tracking And Alerts
    Proposing Federal Opportunities
  • consolidated
    Finding Teaming And Partnering Opportunities
  • Opportunity Tracking And Alerts
    Planning For Building Your Federal Opportunities Pipeline

FEDMINE is a user-friendly tool for all federal prime contractors. It makes it easy for just about anyone interested in getting a piece of this huge Federal Government Contracting market!

If you are one of:


  • Increased awareness of FBO solicitations with links to historical federal spending data
  • Strategic consistency in the pursuit of opportunities, due to better federal market visibility
  • Access to full contact information on federal prime contractors big and small
  • Easy identification of purchasing and contracting officers with contact information across the government by NAICS Code
  • Reliably scope the size of all federal contracts in order to help you confidently pursue the right federal opportunities
  • View federal competitive intelligence in a user friendly way to quickly understand where your competition is winning federal business
  • Create and download custom federal opportunity pipeline reports with incumbents in any federal market sector


  • Real-Time Competitive Intelligence Allows Seamless Monitoring Of Your Market
    Quickly Identify Real Federal Contract Opportunities (E.G., Track Expiring 8(A)S, Upcoming Re-Bids, Task Order Contracts, Etc.)
  • Make Informed Business Decisions In Your Vertical Market
    Customize Your Searches Through Powerful Keyword Searches To Save Time
  • Transparency Into Awards Your Vendors Are Receiving Helps With Your Resource Allocation
    Simplify Your Federal Market Research Using The Most Powerful Federal Agency And Prime Contractor Profiles Available On The Internet Today

Success Story

Boeing Company

Boeing has 180 units, and over time it acquired other companies. Some of those companies owned subsidiaries and individual divisions. We displayed all subsidiary units (now standard for all large federal prime contractors), with subsidiaries showing multiple years of federal sales data. While it was more than just a daunting task, today FEDMINE’s database shows units of the source parent company in a manner that all units can be viewed on one screen by division name. Large prime contractors with subsidiaries, such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Computer Sciences Corporation are able to gain federal competitive intelligence, track new federal units of other companies, with daily contract award alerts on competition with full drill down capabilities.

MicroTech Company

A $300M company, Microtech grew quickly from a small company into a successful business in a short period of time. Growth required a sustainable strategy as they moved to innovate their product line. The CEO of MicroTech learnt about FEDMINE at a conference in Las Vegas, and decided on the spot to begin use of the product. The company uses the power of the system to explore expiring contracts where it can compete in full and open competition. By receiving real-time Task Order Alerts currently being awarded to incumbents, they were able to identify how the agency was acquiring services under the contract vehicle from all vendors, which gave them a leg up on the re-compete contract when it hit the street.