Fedmine is a game changer for professional services firms seeking to identify new prospects and better understand their current federal government contractor and government subcontractor customers.

If you’re a law firm, CPA group, M&A agency, economic development group or any other organization that provides support to federal contractors, identifying and targeting growing contractors who are actually winning federal business is a need you want to fulfill. Fedmine can help you do this, easily and sustainably.

With Fedmine, you not only remain better informed of prospective clients, but you also get to congratulate them on awards, and oftentimes, before they even know it!

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Our proprietary, automated platform is the only solution available in the market that aggregates federal spending data from disparate, authoritative data sources to meet real-time professional services organizational business intelligence needs. Realizing and sustaining your growth goals is really just a click away.

With Fedmine your team and organization will get smarter, instantly with:

  • More efficient and more accurate market research
  • Real-time prospecting that engenders better and faster go, no-go decisions to maximize productivity
  • Customized keyword searches that yield insights into government spending trends and which prime contractors are winning bids and for which support partners
  • One click views of inter- and intra-agency transactions. To view a sample report click here.
  • Email alerts to keep you up-to-the-minute on recompete/open contracts
  • Prime contractor and federal agency profiles by specific factors
  • Pipeline reports
  • A list of all expiring contract opportunities
  • Assessments of upcoming federal contract opportunities

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