Request support from Fedmine:

Detailed below are descriptions that appear with icons for support throughout the application. These provide support in understanding the finer details so users can gain valuable insights quickly. These support icons are on most pages, and provide one-click access to instructions on how best to use the feature on the application page being viewed.Screens where support text help icons are present have a yellow road sign icon as a notification symbol for help instructions.

Support text is constantly being added and revised due to rapid improvements and new features being added, and are written so users can obtain help on the report being viewed on-screen at that time.

A few samplings of help icons within the application, with their meanings:

  • History of item – Hover over icon to view history of an item. This icon is mostly used in company profiles to show year over year change in sales and number of employees.
  • Help icon – click for help on most screens; will open a separate help screen when needed
  • Add to MyFedmine – A green plus sign can be clicked to add an item to your MyFedmine menu for easy future access
  • Graph icons, sometimes in pairs – the first one shows the break down of contract actions by agency, the second one details contract actions for each subsidiary of the company.
  • View RFP Awards in response to solicitations in Fedbizopps for this company
  • View GAO protests filed by company and any decisions rendered. Also view Awardee and the original RFP
  • Email This Report – click this icon in various reports to email the on-screen report to an email address of your choosing
  • Dark blue numbers – provide visual cues to view an aggregated entity, such as a company profile, all Indefinite Delivery Vehicle contracts, or IDV contract numbers, GSA Schedule numbers, and others
  • Map icons – show you were the address is
  • Fedconnect™ Market View – The full federal market potential of a given company by industry (NAICS codes)
  • PSC Market View – The full federal market potential of a given company by Product or Service Codes
  • by NAICS by PSC – Click on any of these two links when you see them to View Contract actions by Product or Service Code , or by NAICS Code for each Contracting Office of the federal government