US Government Contracts for Federal Agencies

Whether you need data from FPDS-NG, SAM, FBO (FedBizOpps), FAADs, DSBS, GSA, ESRS, USA Spending, GAO, and other federal data sources, our business intelligence platform can help. 

Whether you are conducting vendor market research, downloading  qualified vendor profiles, or your very own agency spend , we have it all. Compare how you spend in relation to other similar agencies, or monitor your agency SAT Threshold spend to ensure what is set-aside for small business does not go to large  (other than small business or OTSB) firms.

Who needs the burden of managing and manually aggregating data to monitor internal agency spending? Our platform lifts the labor-intensive research burden from your team, aggregating federal data in real time on the AWS cloud and GovCloud. Free your agency to do what it does best by arming them with the most accurate and up to date federal contract data available.

Our powerful, fully automated data aggregation platform is the only solution that integrates federal spending data from disparate, authoritative data sources to meet on-demand agency needs.

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Why Fedmine?

Fedmine is powered by a database architecture that aggregates data from disparate but authoritative government data sources in real-time, effortlessly adding and updating millions of records every day. This allows our subscribing clients to find information they need, all within one integrated system. 

  • Improve your efficiency and productivity
  • Easy to access reports you can depend on for daily updated data on government activities
  • View inter and intra agency transactions with one simple click
  • Visibility into buying activity at other agencies – real-time visibility into daily buying activity posted in FPDS-NG from contracting offices across the agency and its bureaus
  • Enable streamlined coordination with state and local agencies and departments

Specific features include:

  • Daily, real-time updates to SBA Anomaly Reports
  • Agency dashboard with one-click reports from a single interface
  • Customizable, daily agency alerts for small business goals, SAT reports, and individual contracting office contributions to overall agency performance.
  • You can receive alerts for any agency, bureau, or contracting office across the entire federal government
  • Access to a 20,000+ One-Click Federal Spending Reports Library, including rotational analysis, filter options, and dynamic real-time cross-linking to new, incoming data

Who can benefit from Fedmine?

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Fedmine helps federal government agencies cut the shortest and clearest path through an overwhelming morass of federal data to make more impactful, efficient decisions.

The Benefit:

  • Use of authoritative federal government data within your organization improves efficiency in execution of government contracts, which directly increases your acquisitions productivity
  • Enhances decision-making within all government agencies by providing access to authoritative federal spending data. There is no other timely, quality, cost-effective federal market research platform on the market other than Fedmine
  • Daily agency alerts can be customized to keep you updated on your Small Business Goals, SAT threshold spend, and individual contracting office contributions. You can receive alerts for any agency, bureau, or contracting office across the entire federal government
  • Daily, real-time updates to SBA Anomaly Reports
  • Agency Dashboards contain several one-click reports – consequently providing real-time visibility into daily buying activity posted in FPDS-NG from contracting offices across agencies and bureaus
  • Enables streamlined coordination with congressional reports that require a quick turn around
  • View non-goaling data with and without exclusions applied on one screen with full drill down to transactions in FPDS-NG, and to subcontracts linked to prime contracts from the Electronic Subcontract Reporting System (ESRS)

The Results:

  • Empowers your agency with a powerful tool that contracting officers, OSDBU, District Offices, VISNs, Military Bases, DoDAACs, and practically any department with a need for real-time visibility into daily buying activity at contracting offices across the country in each agency and its bureaus. This also applies to all ARRA (stimulus) monies spent on contracts
  • Significantly increase your ability to source key federal contractors looking to team with you on various opportunities. Whether you are a large business, or a small business, or even a government agency, Fedmine will increase your ability to maximize teaming and subcontracting opportunities from proactive outreach to contractors in any market segment
  • Provides valuable insights into contracting activity at any level, with SBA Goaling numbers updated daily
  • Federal contracts can be viewed by CBSA, Metropolitan Area, State, County, and Congressional Districts by Agency, Bureau, Contracting Office, NAICS /PSC Codes, and filtered for any or all socioeconomic categories
  • Access to a 20,000+ reports library consisting of one-click reports; with rotational analysis, filter options, and dynamic real-time cross-linking to new incoming data. Free downloading on all reports. (Fedmine is the largest online reports library on federal contracts and opportunities on the Internet)

Federal Clients:

Department_of_Veterans_Affairs_Official_LogoThe Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the largest procurement agencies amongst civilian federal government agencies with a commitment and charter to promote prime and subcontracting with SDVOSBs, VOSBs and other small businesses. The VA OSDBU is working to transform the participation of small businesses within federal procurement. Efforts in process include increasing awareness, reduce risk, enhance access and improve procurement mechanism. The VA expects that by using improved technology from Fedmine will enable better decision-making towards achieving its goals. The VA is committed to help small businesses become successful in the federal sector, and it is determined to meet its small business goals.

To read more about our contract with the VA and for instructions for VA organizations to login to Fedmine from the VetBiz Portal, visit our Department of Veterans Affairs page.

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