Build lists of federal government contacts

Our Federal List Builder provides listings of federal government contacts with full contact details for a variety of organizations in the federal government sector.

The Fedmine Federal List Builder tool is a powerful search template that extracts lists from integrated federal datasets.

With a total of 17 integrated data sources, our federal list builder template provides a powerful way to pull lists for a variety of needs to address myriads of differing requirements.

Certain combinations for list creation are only possible using the Fedmine database. Pre-groomed datasets provide opportunities to download rare combinations of federal data for download into a spreadsheet.

For example, all of the following lists can be pulled specific to a county, congressional district, zip code, agency, bureau, contracting office, contract number, GWAC, GSA Schedule, socioeconomic status and the like. Some examples include listings of:

Small business federal prime contractors, Large business federal prime contractors, Incumbent prime contractors by location of headquarters, Incumbent prime contractors by place of performance specific to an agency, Sub contractors and teaming partners, Senior federal agency executives, Federal contracting officers in the federal procurement data system, Federal purchasing contacts, Federal agency buyers, OSDBU Staff members.

There are more than 50 varieties of listings in our database, and it is relatively easy to pick the type of download from the buttons across the top and view the list of federal government contacts that pertain specifically to you.

Growth Support firms typically download listings of prime contractors for a variety of reasons. The most common are described below:

  1. You have an event coming up for which you need qualified attendees to fill a room. For example, a particular federal agency speaker is set to speak at this event on the subject of cyber security. You want to send an email to all companies doing business at that agency focused on cyber security work
  2. You want a listing of all primes and subcontractors headquartered in a given metro area to provide them with information on a certain new law that may require extra reporting
  3. You want a list of all small prime contractors doing business overseas in a particular NAICS or PSC Code, or have developed your own bucket of keywords that may contain some of the following:

Iris signature, Biometric Recognition, Fingerprint Analysis, Facial Recognition, Face Recognition, Local Binary Pattern, LBP, Retina Scan, Biometric Recognition, Personel Biometric Detection.

The variety of contacts and ways in which specific lists can be carved out…are virtually limitless

Consider the following two scenarios:

You want to narrowly focus on companies by employee size and their annual government contracting revenue by their socioeconomic status, confined further to where they won business on one or more set-aside types (such as Women-Owned, Hub-Zone, Alaska Native [ANC] or Hawaiin-Owned, SBA 8(a) certified, SDVOSB, SDB, VOSB and others).

You want to download a list of expiring contracts and view the top re-compete contracting opportunities that may create jobs in your county, or perhaps they are cost-plus-fixed-fee type contracts that you as an Insurance or Accounting firm want to help lower the G&A rate for a company.

The above lists can be downloaded in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee!