Why would you pay for a subscription to Fedmine when everything is available publicly for free?

Fedmine is a huge time saver. We pull in and marry data from 18 publicly available sources and connect the dots between those sources, so that you don’t have to.

By using the Fedmine platform you will not only save time and money, you will potentially mitigate business risks inherent in the federal space. To accomplish this, you must first learn where to focus before developing a full understanding of where and how the government spends its money. Our system flawlessly integrates full details on new federal business opportunities from beta.sam.gov and ties it to contract awards made and written by agencies in FPDS-NG to up to 18 data sources in all at the time of this writing in March 2020. We boast the largest repository of federal business intelligence data and reports on the internet outside of the US government.

If you can enter the federal sector with preparation and insight on each of your low hanging fruits, then the features of our application are considered to be the most powerful in the industry to help you achieve your goals quickly and affordably.

View a small list of application enhancements specific to winning federal business which are unique to Fedmine.  Our prime contractor clients appreciate the heavy investments we have made on our cloud based platform hosted on Google Cloud.

We are also FedRamp and FISMA compliant by virtue of an instantiation of our platform on the Google GovCloud. This investment is made to appeal to our federal government clients who want to host our solution within their agency cloud for security purposes.