Real time data to assess the impact of federal dollars flowing into your jurisdiction.

Every state and local government has a variety of economic and trade development agencies dedicated to assisting new and established businesses grow and succeed in their state or county.

Fedmine provides your organization with the most real-time data customized for your needs to assess the impact of federal dollars flowing into your jurisdictions.

These agencies typically provide:

  • Start up advice, training and resources
  • Federal financial assistance on loans and grants
  • Business location and site selection assistance
  • Federal business development and training assistance

If you are one of these entities, we can assist you in fulfilling your mission.


You help businesses of all kinds succeed, including those belonging to various socioeconomic groups. We provide data on the different companies, agencies and contracting offices doing business with them. And you can compare how much local federal offices contract with local businesses versus out of state. All these reports are just one-click away from the top menu.


County governments and regional and local chambers of commerce help local businesses. Some organizations collect data to study the impact of federal dollars within their geographic areas and some local interest groups assess employment trends as a direct result of federal business contracts awarded to firms headquartered in their counties or metro areas. Fedmine has data you can use in your reports including those to your congressional district representatives.

The following reports are updated on a daily basis with new information received the day prior. We provide over 1,000 reports for all listed locations. A sampling is provided below:

  • Listing of dollars spent by each agency, bureau, contracting office
  • Listing of dollars spent at the Department of Defense by each MAJCOM, Military Base, DoDAAC
  • Listing of prime contractors sorted by awarded dollars
  • Listing of  sub contractors for each prime located within any state geography
  • Listing of all small businesses by each socioeconomic category and dollars obligated
  • And many more….

Agency expenditures for any individual agency, bureau or contracting office can be downloaded by any subscribing user. These formatted excel reports can be emailed to you every day, or you can customize the frequency of receipt.

Our online database aggregates federal spending data from disparate, authoritative data sources so you can access it all from one consolidated source. And it is updated in real-time.

Fedmine provides the most cost-effective federal spending data solutions in the federal business sector. We have been serving economic trade development agencies for over 10 years.