All federal business ops data in Fedmine is populated directly from multiple government sources

We do not crawl, scrape or use any manual methods to obtain the data we store in our platform. Some of the sources we pull from require us to have authorized credentials with valid SSL certificates to authenticate before we can connect. That is how it works!

We connect DoDAAC codes, Cage Codes, DUNS Numbers and so on to contracting office spend, incumbents, federal business opportunities, grants, and more.

Conventional US federal contracts databases require manually intensive methods to make updates, which are prone to error. Such methods are not sustainable over the long run, and therefore cannot provide information you can confidently rely on for daily decision making. Our modern database architecture is fully automated at the back-end, with no manual steps involved in the aggregation process. Data that cannot be obtained through full automation is never considered.

When you need information, you should be able to turn to a trusted, familiar source that can reliably provide you with what you need. Our platform is just that, a front-end application that is very powerful, and seamlessly presents unified information from multiple sources.

Fedmine is a powerful government data collection tool, serving as a US federal contracts database.Fedmine is by far the most complete online business intelligence tool on the federal marketplace today. For fully informed analysis and decision making, we’re it.Request a Demo

Our data aggregation engine leverages the power of the Internet to create the only real-time commercial platform available in the federal marketplace. Open source technology offered us a revolutionary way to create the most cost-effective solution on the market under one umbrella. It is the only single integrated solution of its kind to be able to address the needs of all federal market segments.

Data is aggregated seamlessly, in real-time, into an easy to use online platform. Full support, alert setup, and training is included with each standard commercial subscription. For larger organizations, we offer customized support plans.

The entire list of data sources from the federal marketplace can be viewed here.

Fedmine minimizes the information overload that typically affects organizations in today’s fast-paced business environment.

When you need to know, you need to know it quickly, accurately and reliably.

That is the key advantage you get with Fedmine.