Read below how Fedmine is helping our clients first hand:

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I feel compelled to share the exceptional customer service we have received from Fedmine. I first was introduced to Fedmine when I joined EnviroVantage earlier this year. I have been doing federal contracting business development for over 15 years and this was the first federal solicitation data tool that I've had access to that actually provided a significant benefit. I've used other commercial platforms in the past and was often frustrated that the results could not be more customized or designed for efficient use of the data. What has stood out with Fedmine is their ability to make modifications to their system based on customer feedback with amazing speed. Additionally, their assistance with training and research support should set the industry standard in responsiveness. This service is worth every penny! Hats off to the Fedmine Team! "

- Lisa King, Business Development, EnviroVantage



"We use a lot of business intelligence tools, and Fedmine is one of them. I find myself getting things done with almost no time or effort when I use Fedmine. The data is accurate, comprehensive and above all trustworthy. We have saved thousands of dollars and won millions thanks to Fedmine.”

- Dan Jonas, Business Development and Marketing Manager, HeiTech Services, Inc.


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“Fedmine has not only improved QRI’s strategic federal opportunity planning, it has also improved the quality of our proposals by providing a database that makes it easy to gather data for graphics that speak volumes to our team differentiators. The time my staff and I used to spend counting and spread sheeting a teaming partner’s relevant past work experiences has significantly decreased because of Fedmine’s specific search tools and Excel download platform.”

- Fonda Lindfors New, CEO, Quaternary Resource Investigations, LLC



"The Florida PTAC has used the Fedmine service for over three years. Fedmine is an invaluable resource for easily and clearly doing federal market research for our small business clients, so they are focusing on the right agencies and opportunities. Fedmine also allows us to easily research forecasted opportunities, identify competitors and federal contacts."

- Jane Dowgwillo, PTAC Statewide Manager, Florida SBDC Network Headquarters, University of West Florida



“Having access to a resource such as Fedmine has helped us develop a plan of attack for our customers. We have been able to identify leads/opportunities that may not have been known by our staff.  In addition to the leads, the customer support has always been there to ensure that we had the proper training to use this important tool. Having tools to do your job are critical.  Fedmine provides you with those tools.  Their tools have helped create customized reports/opportunities, contract reports, company information as well as points of contacts.  This tool has saved us a tremendous amount of time in research.”

- Brian Ray, Government Business Development Manager, Bluestar