Anatomy of Federal Business Opportunities database using AWS Elastic Map Reduce on HADOOP

Fedmine is the first federal data aggregator using Hadoop for powerful analytics on federal spending data sets!

  1. Automate your searches to discover federal contracting opportunities within specific areas of interest
  2. Configure your alerts using any number of search elements, receive alerts for IDIQ contracts and task orders
  3. Obtain real-time competitive intelligence on solicitations prior to their release, monitor daily FPDS-NG awards
  4. Track your federal market segments to stay ahead of your competition like never before
  5. Obtain federal business intelligence, opportunity intelligence, and agency intelligence before bidding on any opportunity
TWICE DAILY OPPORTUNITIES FROM BETA.SAM WITH ALERTS VIA EMAIL Opportunities for all categories of RFPs (pre-solicitations, combined-solicitations, mods, special notices, awards, property etc.) released daily, with original SOWs, Questions and Answers, and modifications etc. when released by the government. Powerful configurable search templates provide automation of keyword alerts, codes, location, and more. Federal Contracting Opportunities interlinked and cross aggregated by Agency, Contracting Office, Zip Code, Posted Date, Classification Code, NAICS Code, Set-Aside, and linked to most GAO Protests and filings when possible. Yes
DAILY GRANTS OPPORTUNITIES Opportunities for all categories of grants, procurement contracts, cooperative agreements released daily. Yes
FAADS (GRANTS AWARDS) DATABASE Federal Assistance Award Data on all Grants in comparative 7-year views. Rotational Analysis by CFDA, County, State, Zip Code, Recipient & more. Yes
OPPORTUNITY RFP HISTORY SEARCH Searchable RFPs dating back to 2001 for referencing past solicitations in comparison to new federal government contract opportunities for better understanding. Awards linked to FPDS data wherever possible. Yes
ONE-CLICK CROSS LINKS ON OPPORTUNITY DATA ELEMENTS WITHIN RFPs Cross-referencing of all opportunities released by response date, NAICS code, Zip Code, Classification Code, Set-Aside Type, and other criteria with just one click. Allows you to jump to any RFP document type, filter by agency and contracting office, or by sub-data elements within RFPs for horizontal access across all agencies or vertical drill down to access individual contracting offices. Yes
DAILY GAO PROTEST DECISIONS GAO protests integrated into FBO, including full text of GAO decisions, and cross-linked to each protesting company's Fedmine Company Profile. Yes
DAILY FBO KEYSTATS Tabulation of all RFP document types with unprecedented details on a daily basis. All federal contracting opportunities nested by industry sector, year to date for each industry code, top agency for each industry code, and number of opportunities released. One-Click drill down allows access to all FBO individual document types with multiple cross-links to various filters from one screen. View new and past RFPs with original SOW documents and reducing FOIA requests. Agency Contacts linked to all RFPs by Contracting Officer and RFPs released from 2001 to present. Yes
KEYWORD SEARCH ACROSS OPPORTUNITY TITLE AND DESCRIPTION Search RFPs by keyword, such as “rfid”, “law enforcement”, “recovery act”, etc., to go beyond NAICS Codes. Create your own One-Click Access for each keyword to all federal business opportunities  Yes
OPPORTUNITY INTEGRATION WITH FPDS-NG Opportunity integration with FPDS-NG contract awards data connects awards released on FBO, and to FPDS-NG. Difficult integration between key disparate databases allows subscribers to view elements of an opportunity chain with timely and vital historical perspectives for measuring win probabilities. Fine tuning bid /no bid strategies early results in cost reductions. Yes
COMPANY-WIDE OPPORTUNITY COLLABORATION &VISIBILITY Opportunities tagged by a single user automatically show on the screens of other authorized users within the company. The ability to share this information enhances decision making, collaboration, and the pursuit of timely partnerships for teaming. Reduces time spent in trying to apprise everyone concerned for the pursuit of federal government contract opportunities. Yes
ORIGINAL LINKS Links to all original SOW documents via links provided and established by the federal government. Yes
FEDERAL AGENCY PROFILES Federal Agency Business Intelligence, Reports, Contacts and more… Yes
DAILY REAL-TIME FEDERAL CONTRACT AWARDS FROM FPDS-NG A total of 8 DAILY real-time alerts showing KeyStats on contract awards made the previous day, with full drill down to each contract award details. Some of the daily reports include: TODAY'S TOP SMALL BUSINESS CONTRACTORS, TODAY'S TOP CONTRACTING OFFICES, TODAY'S TOP AWARDS BY NAICS CODES, BY AGENCY, AND TODAY'S TOP CONTRACTORS. Yes
AGENCY TOP LEVEL MARKETVIEW Consolidated market views of each Agency consisting of aggregated data for Top Industry Sectors by NAICS & PSC, Top Contracting Offices, Small Business (with auto-refresh filters for socioeconomic types), Top Contractors, Top Congressional Districts, Top Competition Categories, Top GSA and IDV Vehicles, and Today's Opportunities. Drill down from each with view box. Yes
FBO KEYSTATS All new federal business opportunities posted as solicitations, sources sought notices, pre-solicitations, combined solicitations etc., daily from FedBizopps nested by industry sector, year to date totals for each NAICS Code, top agency purchasing under that code, and historical repository of all opportunities dating back to FY 2000. Yes
OMB EXHIBIT 53 IT INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO OPPORTUNITIES Searchable OMB Exhibit 53 of funded IT Opportunities in a lightning fast database utility with keyword search. Provides viewing funded programs and their Project IDs across three fiscal years for strategic federal business development and pre-RFP intelligence. No other company offers this feature. Yes
FEDERAL GRANTS LINKED TO INDIVIDUAL RFPs Federal Assistance Award Data on all Grants in comparative 7 year views. Rotational Analysis by CFDA, County, State, Zip Code, Recipient & more> Agency Acquisition Officer Contacts: Name, Title, Address, Zip, Email, Phone, Fax. All Contacts connected to RFPs & Awards released by theme. Contacts database refreshed daily. Over 62,000 unique contacts, search by NAICS Code, or RFPs released by socio status and many more elements. Yes
MULTI-TIERED DRILL DOWN BY CONTRACTING OFFICE WITH ROTATIONAL ANALYSIS Specialized Horizontal & Vertical One-Click Drill Down on all Contract Awards not just at the Agency or Bureau level, but right down to each Contracting Office. Each analysis level provides more Horizontal & Vertical expenditure analysis by NAICS & PSC Codes, including County and Socioeconomic breakdown at each Contracting Office level. This we call full Rotational Analysis on Contract Awards. Yes
INDUSTRY SECTOR REPORTS BY NAICS / PSC Individual Expenditure Profiles for each Individual NAICS and PSC Code with drill down to Top Contractors for each individual Code. Cross links from Prime Contractor Profiles provide One-Click Market Views for on-the-fly assessments. Yes
CONTRACTOR REPORTS WITH SUB-FILTERS FOR SOCIO CATEGORIES Lightning fast execution of reports, run individual or combined Socioeconomic sub-filters to quickly locate Small Businesses, live hover view reveals all their Socioeconomic categories instantly. One-Click to view their Profiles from the report. Yes
GEOGRAPHIC REPORTS BY NESTED BY INDUSTRY SECTORS Uniquely nested One-Click queries to all contracting data in 7 year Comparative Views providing Horizontal and Vertical drill throughs with filters for all Socioeconomic Categories. Easy One-Click filters for viewing each State and list of Contractors comprising dollar totals. Discover Competitors and Teaming Partners by Geographic Location, by State, County, Congressional Districts and each Socioeconomic Category. Yes
EXPIRING CONTRACTS BY UNBILLED AMOUNTS Easily uncover Expiring Contracts for Re-Compete information, full with Unbilled Amounts for each Contract. Instantly view Contracts expiring by GWAC type (Seaport, Alliant, Networx etc), and identify by dollar range, Contract Ceiling Amount, NAICS, PSC, Socio category, specific Contracts Issue Year, and more. Yes
DAILY FEDERAL CONTRACT ACTIONS REGISTER Daily Federal Contract Actions Register that provides 11 important columns of actionable information. This report is viewable separately by Agency and Vendor. Date and year filters provide rapid filtering for select date range analysis to keep tabs on competitors and contracting offices issuing those contracts. Each column directly links to contract award details. Yes
Federal Competitive Intelligence: By Industry Sector, Agency, Competition Type, GWAC, with graphs, and more
COMPARATIVE 15 years of FEDERAL CONTRACTOR (VENDOR) PROFILES WITH INTERACTIVE GRAPHS Comprehensive Federal Prime Contractor Profiles on approximately 600,000 active companies with Contracting data presented in Comparative 15 year views on all contract award actions, including GSA Schedule awards & IDV, IDIQ, BPA Contracts, with breakdown by Competition and Socioeconomic Type. Powerful drill down to each individual contract from on screen. Hyperlinks can exceed 2,000 on very large parent prime contractor profiles. Includes over 120 fields or data elements such as; CEO, Email Address, 8a /HubZone dates, Org Type, Fiscal Year End, GSA Schedule/ IDV Vehicles, Subcontract Awards, Subcontracts Awarded, Quality Assurance, Contracts by NAICS Code; Contracts by PSC Code. Prime Contractor Profiles include one-click reports to breakdown company sales by industry sectors, Contracting Offices, Competition, Potential Federal Market by Contractor, and much more. Yes
UNIFIED VIEWS FOR PARENT COMPANY PROFILES WITH SUBSIDIARIES Unified Parent Federal Prime Contractor profiles within Fedmine are unmatched due to investments made in back-end data integration so that you can see all reported subsidiaries of the prime on one page, with full drill down. Some highlights include sophisticated interactive graphs, Task Order Summary Reports, Backlog Reports, Competitive positioning by industry, with tabular data showing market share of each subsidiary rolled up to the parent. Clients can view subsidiaries as a nested entities, with the usual drill down to details without ever leaving the Parent Profile page. Each profile is complete with competitive analysis by industry sector, type of competed actions, GAO protest filings, and much more. Yes
SUPER SEARCH: AUTO-CATEGORIZES INFORMATION FOR RETRIEVAL ACROSS ALL DATA SOURCES Use this powerful search that none of our well known competitors can provide. Searches produce up to 4,000 results in less than 3 seconds from across all our data sources. View vital pieces of information never seen before to improve your competitive positioning, and save searches for easy retrieval and downloading. Download free PDF reports across the entire application suite, including free emailing of reports to colleagues. Track potential partners, competitors, contracting offices, contacts, RFPs, referrals, or create your own custom templates. Yes
CORPORATE HISTORY A history icon on each Prime Contractor Profile shows changes to corporate data on the number of employees, annual revenue, and more. Pre-analyzed data minimizes need to search endlessly, a number of One-Click reports link to comparative 7 year historical views from all profiles to gauge patterns by contracts won, opportunities won when responding to FBO Solicitations. Yes
HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL MARKET ANALYSIS WITH DYNAMIC 11 YEAR GRAPHS (H /V & R Analysis) Easy identification of specific contracting actions by contracting office, by subsidiary, by NAICS or PSC Code, By IDV Vehicle or GSA Schedule. Multi-tiered drill down to actions by Socioeconomic Status with filters for Geographic Location, Agency and Bureau, and much more. H /V & R Analysis is the process of viewing data in a manner that allows multi-tiered drill down into data that is cross-linked to other tables for fast data manipulation. For example, viewing all Agency procurement data in columns of comparative years containing aggregate numbers for all years would be doing a Horizontal Analysis. A Vertical Analysis would require deep drill down into Agency Bureaus & Contracting Offices, Rotational Analysis would be performed when you apply sub-filters like Geographic Location and Socio Status Indicators horizontally at each Vertical drill down level for analysis. Yes
REPORTS LIBRARY – SEVERAL THOUSAND POINT & CLICK REPORTS The federal business opportunities database of well over 8,000 reports allows unique iterations and manipulation of data without configuring any search templates. Many are unique, like showing first-time contractors winning business from the government, and contracting offices issuing by county and industry sector type. Easy links allow immediate drill down to transaction details, award amounts, Contracting Offices issuing the contracts, and horizontal cross links to contacts involved in making similar purchases. Yes
USER CUSTOMIZATION OF ONE-CLICK REPORTS Powerful saving features throughout the application, even after running a search, allows users to configure their own One-Click reports when they see results, and run them later from their MyFedmine saved items menu. Yes
FEDPOINT Federal prime contractor locations integrated with Google Maps, FIPS 55 Data, to County and Congressional Districts, and GIS Long/Lat FedPoint data. Yes
Why our service is unique and no other competitors compare.

REAL-TIME FEATURES Enterprise Class Database with High Availability Enabling Rapid Analytical & Operational Judgements. Yes
AGGREGATION ENGINE Our technology aggregates real-time information on a daily basis with the goal of helping enable optimal federal business development strategies. The daily information we aggregate provides the most up to date comprehensive views of distilled data that vastly reduce complexity and help gain valuable understanding of hard details immediately. Data from authoritative government sources is deeply integrated for providing timely insights into federal spending activity like never before. All numbers are hyper-linked for quick drill down in all reports. An intuitive interface links entities to each other with relative ease. Yes
WE OBTAIN OUR DATA FROM AUTHORITATIVE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DATA SOURCES ONLY Federal Procurement Data (All fiscal years trailing 16 years updated as of last night. OMB Exhibit 53 (IT investment portfolios from OMB), Federal Business Opportunities Feed (from FBO.GOV), Grants Opportunities database (from, GSA Schedule Contract Actions (GSA Schedule contract holders are cross-linked to FPDS-NG transactions available only from Fedmine), GAO Protest Decisions (from GAO), FAADS (Federal Assistance Award Data from Census Bureau and now USA Spending), Company contacts (from SAM & SBA), Federal Government Contacts, Budget data (from GPO, White House, and OMB). Yes
REAL-TIME WEB SERVICES Web Services tie directly into the live database from various data sources (see below) to enable high availability of data only a database capable of showing real-time can use. It has smart indexing capabilities on key columns within the federal business opportunities database for creating custom rotational analysis and variations to existing reports. Multiple iterative variations such as filtering by socio status, location, industry sector, agency, contracting office, vendor, etc. are possible on most reports. Yes
OPTIMIZATION ENGINE All data is obtained nightly from disparate but authoritative federal government data sources. A powerful data normalization and optimization engine updates over a million records on a daily basis for our clients without any manual intervention for true real-time data! This technical capability is unmatched in the industry, because legacy database architectures of other providers cannot compete without reinventing their front and back end applications. This we do not envision happening any time soon. Yes
DIRECT NIGHTLY DATA FEED INTO LIVE SERVER Data is obtained nightly from disparate but authoritative federal government data sources. A powerful data normalization and optimization engine updates over a million records on a daily basis for our clients without any manual intervention! This technical capability of ours is unmatched in the industry. Yes

To make federal business opportunities easier for others, a business intelligence provider must have first hand knowledge of pursuing federal government contracts opportunities. That experience can only be acquired by having single-handedly bootstrapped your own government contracting firm and ran it successfully for many years, grew it to a hundred plus employees, and had an epiphany of wanting to make the process easier for everyone. There needs to be this social cause for doing this with a passion. At Fedmine we can say that all of the above holds true for us—can any other provider claim similar credentials? We do not believe so.