What Makes Fedmine Unique?

The platform can be tailored by various types of users in various different ways.

It is not a one size fits all solution, but rather a solution that can be molded to different organizations and user roles within those organizations.

We know that what matters most to a prime contractor is different from what matters most to a small business specialist at a federal agency. The information that a service provider is looking to gather is quite different from that of a business development executive.

The beauty of Fedmine is that the data we provide can be manipulated in so many different ways for many different types of consumption. For those that need access to big federal spending data and the ability to build spend analysis, we have the custom solutions for each industry and type of business.

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Let’s face it: Selecting the right federal contract business intelligence partner can be a monumental decision, perhaps one that could make or break your business.

We’ve been helping businesses succeed in the federal contracting space for years, and like you, we understand making fast decisions is critically important in this ever-changing, intensely competitive market.

But we’ve also learned from hard-won experience that early is not always effective and bigger is not always better. Unfortunately, many businesses learn the hard way that bad information received “in advance” may win less than accurate information pulled in real-time.

We built our business intelligence technology to provide organizations with user-friendly access to the cleanest government spending data in real time. Our technology has complex and expansive capabilities, but its benefits are really very simple.

  • You win more contracts and find better teaming partners
  • You spend less time on manual research and less money to win new business
  • You get the most accurate federal contract data in real-time as soon as it’s available from one easy-to-use resource
  • You get data free of human error-a bad week for an analyst or a team of analysts can no longer hurt your business
  • You get back a more productive business development and marketing team now that they’re armed with the best data and free of the time-killing manual research process
  • You gain a business intelligence partner with big company capabilities and boutique firm attentiveness