Everybody wants to win federal government contracts, but can they?

No, not everyone wins… because someone has to lose in order for anyone else to win. In fact, many have to lose for a few to win. There are more losers on any given opportunity than winners

But….that is not to say that the odds of winning federal business are no better than winning the lottery. Far from it. There are many, many ways to win business from the government, and there are many companies that do it like clock work…kind of like spinning the wheel of fortune and landing on decent slots most of the time. And no, unlike the TV show which is purely based on luck (for the most part), the companies who win regularly do not get lucky…. they have a winning formula they use. Consistently, all the time, for the most part anyway.

Let’s find out who is in a position to win federal government contracts. We all need to know that right!

Every year the United States Federal Government spends approximately $900 Billion in contracts and grants. There are over 950,000 contractors doing business with federal agencies in some way, shape or form. Surprisingly, for such a huge market sector, there are very few sources of business intelligence with essentials of empowering businesses to win federal contracts.

FEDMINE was designed to fill this gap, and it does way more than that. It helps companies win federal government contracts the smart way and easy way. We connect real-time federal contract awards data from FPDS-NG to federal business opportunities as they are released (from FedBizOpps, or FBO as they are called sometimes), providing you with the  information required for active pursuit. But it does not stop there. You also need to receive automatic alerts on each opportunity you mark for pursuit, especially on each task order being currently awarded to incumbents so you respond to the RFP with the latest knowledge on how the agency is procuring the products and services you want to offer.

Having access to unified views of information compiled from authoritative federal data sources is a necessity today.  It presents a company with its best chance to win federal government contracts because it is the intelligent way to pursue federal business opportunities.

Built in an easy, web-based format, FEDMINE.US is a user-friendly system by all measures. It’s both comprehensive and flexible enough to provide very specific, very customized, and very up-to-date information needed by prime contractors, large and small, to gain a foothold in the Federal Government Contracting arena.


The FEDMINE Value Proposition:
To Win Federal Government Contracts

Clients use our solution for prospecting, planning, proposing, and partnering. Knowing when, on what, and how much the federal government is spending, together with who is winning that business and where the opportunities are coming from gives our clients an edge. Our clients know who their prospects are. They know who their competition is. They can size opportunities. They can identify other successful contractors to partner with. They can see where business has been awarded historically, and they can plan to successfully compete for upcoming awards, grants and renewals.

  •  Efficient Federal Business Development
    Efficient Federal Business Development
  • Opportunity Tracking And Alerts
    Opportunity Tracking
    And Alerts
  • Real-Time Competitive Intelligence & Agency Monitoring
    Real-Time Competitive
    Intelligence & Agency
  • Informed Business Decisions And Planning
    Informed Business Decisions
    And Planning
  • Transparency And Accountability Of Agency Awards
    Transparency And Accountability
    Of Agency Awards

FEDMINE.US helps special categories of businesses, such as Minority Owned, Veteran Owned, Disadvantaged and Small businesses to capitalize on the unique opportunities and set-asides available based on their status. It eliminates hours of market research, combing through multiple web-sites, analyzing mountains of data, and frees small business entrepreneurs to do what they do best – produce their product or provide their service.

The FEDMINE.US vision is to create an even playing field, encourage fair competition, and provide transparency into the system for our subscribers. Our service is to make the complex understandable. Our solution helps businesses narrow down the overwhelming amount of data available from numerous disparate sources, to the specific information that is relevant to them. We help clients find the specific opportunities they seek. We help businesses be aware of and compete for the many opportunities offered by the federal government. This is how we provide value to our clients. We believe we can provide value to you.


  • Conduct efficient Federal Business Development
  • Improve the speed & quality of business decisions using authoritative federal market research Data
  • Track Competitive Intelligence on Prime Contracts and Agency spending in Real-Time
  • Receive Alerts on Task Orders awarded to competitors
  • Government Agencies receive
  • Daily SBA Goaling Reports with exclusions by Agency/Bureau/Contracting Office
  • Simplified Acquisition Reports (SAT Reports) daily
  • …and over a thousand ways to slice and dice their spending analysis by socio economic category, location, NAICS and PSC Codes, and much more