Federal Agency Spending Reports

Fedmine simplifies federal spending data on contract awards and business opportunities in real‑time.

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Our powerful application is hosted on the AWS Cloud, including on the GovCloud. With investments in technologies specific to federal spending data, our platform is number one destination of choice for federal government agencies, federal prime contractors, subcontractors, professional services firms, and various federally focused organizations.


Fedmine is an advanced database driven web application that leverages the power of the Internet for aggregating data from disparate but authoritative federal government sources and maximizing it for relevancy through smart use of current technology.

By filtering out confusing information and applying proven industry knowledge, Fedmine minimizes the information overload that typically affects most organizations in today’s fast paced business environment by providing real-time information that is easily recognizable as pertinent.

Fedmine allows easy access to millions of records updated daily and maximized for relevancy.


IMPORTANT: (Please note the date and time stamp at top right on each report for when it was generated)

  1. PSC Code R499 Federal Market View as of 11/02/2016
  2. Federal Prime Contractor Profile of SUNTIVA
  3. DLA Solicitations
  4. Contracts by State Small Business and OTSB
  5. Teledyne Technologies
  6. Exhibit 53
  7. Huntington Ingalls subcontractors
  8. Comparative Small Business First Timers Report
  9. GWAC Report 8(a) STARS II by Agency
  10. SBA District Office Report
  11. VA Manageable Spend Report
  12. Sterling Computers IDVPIID NNG15SC20B Contracts XLS
  13. Broadcasting Board of Governors Agency NAICS Report XLS
  14. Federal Contractors XLS
  15. Prime Contractor SAIC federal contractor profile
  16. GAO Protest Filings week of 02/10/17
  17. Department of the Air Force Contracts By MAJCOM, Military Base & DoDAAC Office
  18. Department of Veterans Affairs Contracts by NAICS for CO 0010B
  19. Delta 21 Resources Contracts
  20. Compare GSA to IDV Contracts
  21. Department of Agriculture Contracts by Contracting Office
  22. 8a Contracts by Congressional District in the state of CA
  23. Small Business Goaling Report with SBA Exclusions Applied
  24. Funding Agency Spending on Other than Small Business with exclusions for SBA Arkansas District Office
  25. Department of Veterans Affairs SBA Size Standard Anomaly Report
  26. Five Nine Group Contracts
  27. BAE Systems Contractor Profile
  28. Contracts by Socioeconomic Status for Rooney Holdings Inc.
  29. Spending by NAICS at USCIS Contracting Office at DHS as of 12/5/11
  30. ORCA Anomaly Report as of 12/5/11
  31. GSA Agency Profile Market View
  32. FY 2012 US Army Corps of Engineers Agency Overview as of 2/7/12
  33. FY 2012 Veteran’s Affairs Agency Overview as of 2/7/12
  34. Agency Spending by NAICS for Janitorial Services as of 2/7/12
  35. Federal Spending by Company on NASA SEWP IV as of 2/9/12 for FY 2012
  36. Agency Spending under PSC R710 as of 12/7/11
  37. Keystat Award report by Agency as of 12/20/11 for 12/19/11
  38. Top 100 Contractors working in Virginia for FY 2011 as of 12/21/11
  39. Federal Award Dollars by State given to SDVOB Firms as of 12/30/11
  40. Total Federal Dollars in Virginia by Congressional District by County as of 12/30/11
  41. Top 100 US Counties for Federal Contracts as of 12/30/11
  42. Agency Expenditures for NAICS 541211 Offices of Certified Public Accountants as of 1/30/12
  43. Top Awardees in NY under NAICS 238160, 236220 for all Agencies as of 1/3/12
  44. Top Sub Contractors  Sub Awardee project description: KBOSS FY 2011
  45. Top Prime Contractors at DARPA FY 2015
  46. Top Minority Owned Businesses at the IRS FY 2015


Federal Profile for Lockheed Martin as of 11/27/11

Centech Services award details as of 12/13/11

Commerce Agency Overview for FY 2012 as of 12/14/11

Combined Synopsis/ Solicitation Notices from FBO as of 12/19/11

Top 100 Protest Decisions as of 12/19/11

Total Federal Contract Actions by Agency as of 12/30/11

Top 8(a) Companies at DOE as of 1/4/12

Top Large Contractors Nested by Subsidiary as of 1/4/12

Top Counties for Federal Dollars given to 8(a) firms from DOI Geological Survey contracting office as of 1/5/12

Federal Agency Spend for NAICS 541519

Contract Awards for GSA Contract given to AA Temps, Inc. by Agency and Nested by Bureau

Agency Spending by using a GSA IDV, Other IDV, or Other for FY 2011 as of 1/16/12

Agency Spending for PSC codes related to Security Guards as of 1/20/12

MyFedconnect PSC MarketView - SecurityGuards

Agency Spending for NAICS codes related to Security Guards as of 1/20/12
MyFedConnect NAICS MarketView - SecurityGuards
Top Companies doing business with HUD Atlanta Regional Office for FY 2010 as of 1/28/12