Signature of a True Industry Pioneer - Ashok Mehan

Fedmine was created based on Ashok’s first-hand experience in the government contracting industry, and his take on what was missing. He spent 3 ½ years building the backend database architecture of the platform as well as the user-friendly interface our customers see upon login. Fedmine went live in 2007.

As the market changed, so did we. The first generation of our product was focused exclusively on managing and securing small business clients and was the catalyst for our growth to 100+ customers today, making Fedmine the go-to solution for a wide swath of users in the federal sector, from OSDBU professionals to PTAC organizations, and from small to large prime contractors, and several federal agencies.

In early 2015, Fedmine released its second-generation cloud platform to the federal market, building upon its Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Implementing Hadoop and AWS Elastic Search, Fedmine’s presence in the cloud began to empower professionals in government and industry to obtain the information necessary for making smart decisions in less time.

Below is a timeline of achievements for Fedmine:

Fedmine Timeline of Achievements

Some other “firsts” from Fedmine:

  • Fedmine was the first to reduce time wasted by individuals across the entire federal sector sifting through websites and piecing bits of information to conduct market research. The platform relieves the burden of the manually intensive task of piecing together federal spending data from FPDS-NG
  • Fedmine was the first to integrate 17 data sources, providing a single point to search for the latest information on federal contracts and opportunities where millions of reports are updated daily. Fedmine was also the first to curate all these data sets and maximize them for relevancy of information for a wide variety of users in government and industry
  • Fedmine was the first company to successfully aggregate authoritative federal contracts and opportunities data with a goal of facilitating mutually efficient federal business for organizations in the federal sector, providing the shortest path to sustainable business relationships and strategies. It resulted in providing organizations in the federal sector equal footing for everyone, creating true knowledge democracy
  • Fedmine introduced the first comprehensive all agency tool to help government achieve Federal Small Business Contracting Goals through smart use of innovative technology
  • Fedmine remains the first and only federal business intelligence tool capable of delivering the most current federal spending data on contract awards and business opportunities in the federal sector to the widest possible audience
  • Fedmine is the largest repository of federal spending data on the internet