How it Works

We make big federal spending data easy to understand – that is truly how it works…

All data in FEDMINE.US is populated strictly from federal government sources, directly. We do not crawl, scrape or use any manual methods to obtain any of the data we house in our database. Some of the sources we pull from require us to have authorized credentials with valid SSL certificates to authenticate before we can connect. That is how it works! We connect DoDAAC codes, Cage Codes, DUNS Numbers and so on to contracting office spend, incumbents, federal business opportunities, grants, and more.

Conventional databases require manually intensive methods to make updates, which are prone to error. Such methods are not sustainable over the long run, and therefore cannot provide information you can confidently rely upon for daily decision-making. Our modern database architecture is fully automated at the back-end, with no manual steps involved in any step during the aggregation process. Data that cannot be obtained through full automation from a source is never considered by us. For agencies as an example: real-time small business by socioeconomic category goals updates.

That is how it works. Our methods of data aggregation are highly sophisticated and intrinsically superior to any of our known competitors. Automation makes a solution unique and powerful.

When you need information, you should be able to turn to a trusted, familiar source that can reliably provide you with all that you need. Our database is just that, a front-end application that is very powerful, and seamlessly presents unified information from multiple sources. Searching at the very last minute for technical details to understand a particular solution results in sifting through multiple websites, and turning pages wherever they can be found, with no end. Traditional do it on-your-own approach favored as a first step by many organizations is shortsighted at best, and for the unprepared. Public data may be free, but it does not translate into free knowledge.

FEDMINE is by far the most complete online business intelligence tool on the federal market today. For fully informed analysis and decision-making, we’re it.

 How it Works

Federal data sets now easy to access

Whether you work in government or industry, the FEDMINE GovPro Premium Suite makes federal data accessible and understandable for everyone in your department or organization. That is how it works!

When big data gets bigger, the deeper one has to go to make it easier to understand. That is a task best suited for data experts to undertake, it is not for sales or business development folks to tackle. You need to access reliable information to obtain answers for making sound business decisions, not struggle to architect complex solutions that may or may not result in a stable usable system for business capture efforts.

Due to the sheer volume of ever-increasing and ever-changing data daily, the data we aggregate from authoritative federal government sources helps us maximize each stream for relevancy through smart use of technology. This provides our users a powerful way to gain immediate knowledge of what is going on in the federal space.

Our data aggregation engine leverages the power of the Internet to create the only real-time commercial database to ever become available in the federal marketplace.
Open source technology offered us a revolutionary way to create the most cost-effective solution on the market under one umbrella.

It is the only single integrated solution of its kind to be able to address the needs of all federal market segments.

Data is aggregated seamlessly, in real-time, into an easy to use online application…. each morning it is ready for fully informed analysis and decision-making by each client.Full support, set-up of Alerts, and training is included with each standard commercial subscription. For larger organizations we offer customized support plans.

The entire table of data sources can be viewed here

The system contains the following data:

  • 13 years worth of federal contract awards and IT spending data that is updated daily (current as of today), from FPDS
  • 13 years of all past, present and new federal solicitations, and related budget documents (with RFP current as of yesterday going as far back as 2001, updated daily), from Firstgov
  • 13 years worth of Grants data from with full CFDA texts
  • 13 years worth of Grants data from FAADS (Federal Assistance Award Data System)
  • 10 years of budget data from OMB (Office of Management and Budget) The Executive Office Of The President
  • The latest 5 year IT Spending tables including opportunities projected for next year, from OMB Exhibit 53 and Exhibit 300
  • 13 years worth of GSA Schedule transactions, from GSA and FPDS
  • Last 9 years of Protests filed at the GAO, integrated with actual award documents, solicitation documents, amendments and other related items to the protest where possible, along with the full downloadable synopsis of AO decisions
  • Latest NAICS and PSC codes for cross updating from the Census Bureau
  • All companies registered in SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Database System (DSBS), as a requirement to do business with the federal government as a small business. Over 1.2 Million current to date
  • Over 150,000 government contacts with a majority of them with full contact data inclusive of email addresses updated daily

Key Set-Up we perform for all clients

  • Set up Key Stats Alerts on daily opportunity activity from FBO
  • Alerts for GAO Protests and Decision Filings
  • Set-up and Save Keywords based on the various lines of business within your organization
  • Save Searches for Daily Award Alerts based on Keywords and NAICS Codes
  • Set-up and Save Opportunity Alerts based on Keywords and NAICS Codes
  • Track Teaming Partners and Sub-Contractors for Award Alerts
  • Track Competitors in real-time to monitor their activity

FEDMINE minimizes the information overload that typically affects organizations in today’s fast paced business environment. For that reason, we are:

  • The Premier Source for Federal Spending Data & Contractor Information
  • The only service that provides real-time data, just ask the government agencies and prime contractors who use our system
  • If you are not getting real-time data, you are already running behind!