From the top menu bar – follow these menu trails

  • Login to your account and click each link to view and invoke SBA District Office filters
  • One-click reports provide easy drill down on a myriad of new reports
  1. Fedconnect >> NAICS Industry Sector Profiles
  2. Fedconnect >> PSC Industry Sector Profiles
  3. Special Reports >> First Timer Contractor
  4. Special Reports >> Top Small Business Federal Contractors
  5. Special Reports >> Top Federal Contractors
  6. From the top menu bar – Search Templates >> Contract Search
  7. Expiry Contract Search
  8. Individual Transaction Search


Sub Contracts Awards Reporting Suite by District Office

  1. Sub Contract Awards
  2. Sub Contract Awards by Agency and NAICS Code, by SBA District Office
  3. Sub Contract Awards by Socio Economic Status, by SBA District Office
  4. Top Expiring Contracts Download to Excel
  5. Agency Specific Reporting Suites
    Contracts By VA Region, VISN & CO By NAICS – Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  6. Contracts By MAJCOM, Military Base & DoDAAC By NAICS
  7. Small business Goaling Report By VISN – Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  8. Prime Small Business Achievement Report – Department of Education
  9. Contracts By NAICS, PSC Combinations in comparative years, by Air Force Base


SAT Reports for all agencies, by SBA District Office

  1. Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) Report


Special Reports

  1. First Timers Comparative
  2. Contracts by Contracting Office Small vs. Large, by DO
  3. District Office 8(a) Competitive Mix Report
  4. Federal Prime Contracts by NAICS nested by District Office
  5. Federal Prime Contract Awards By Contracting Office by County of HQ Location
  6. Federal Prime Contract Awards By Contracting Office by County of HQ Location by SBA District Office