A Brief History of Time….How Fedmine got here, and became the most respected business intelligence provider in the federal sector today!

How FedMine got here? Graph depicting the growth of FEDMINE

How Fedmine got here? To understand that you need to know what is our mission:

To provide sustainable flows of real-time information that potentially guide industry and government to the shortest path for conducting mutually beneficial business interactions

  • 1990 – Ashok Mehan founded and operated a federal contracting firm for 13 years.
  • 2002 – He became impatient with the numerous impediments that were inherent in federal contracting
  • 2004 – Founded Fedmine,  and focused on identifying each individual piece of data created within the value chain that leads up to federal spending, and the original sources responsible for making them public
  • 2006 – Became GSA’s first FPDS-NG industry partner certified to obtain FPDS-NG data via fully automated XML Web Services. Federal competitive intelligence was born
  • 2007 – Rolled out Fedmine as an online subscription application offering Federal Business Intelligence services with the core FPDS-NG data integrated with other pertinent federal data sets
  • 2008 – Aggregation of key federal data sets achieves complete back-end data aggregation, also a first in the federal sector
  • 2009 – Became a trusted familiar source to federally focused organizations desirous of eliminating manually intensive (oft error prone) efforts associated with accumulating and processing data internally for conducting market research
  • 2012 – Fedmine became the first complete comprehensive federal one-stop database in the federal sector adding sub contracting data to its aggregation mix
  • 2013 – Fedmine became the first to track all non-classified spending on contracts from the time budgets are created, to when a solicitation is released, awarded, protested, culminating in FPDS-NG with a funding obligation with a contract number, with each data point automatically connected to the next for pervasive transparency of the path taken in the value chain
  • Today, Fedmine has a stellar reputation with a proven track record in aggregating and maintaining multiple data sets with consistently high levels of data fidelity. A unique combination of federal domain specific knowledge coupled with experiential knowledge from lessons learnt makes us the vendor of choice for industry and government alike.

Our Mission

Fedmine provides federal contractors and government agencies the shortest path to conducting mutually beneficial business interactions through sustainable flows of reliable federal spending data in real-time.

Founded in 2004 as a Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) offering, the tool accelerates availability of actionable federal business information to individuals and decision makers at all levels within federally focused organizations.

Making federal domain data useful requires one to know the myriad contexts in which it can be presented. Therefore, first hand knowledge of the problems it can solve is necessarily a pre-requisite.

Crafting a federal market solution with compelling visualizations undeniably requires federal domain experience. Fedmine helps unlock the value of business information for those who understand the problems it helps illuminate. Cloud computing has helped make our client-facing processes repeatable, which in turn is helping our users construct thoughtful analyses easily. This is driving informed decision-making within organizations in the federal sector who use Fedmine.

Our clients include large and small government prime contractors, federal government agencies, channel vendors, economic and trade development agencies, and a wide variety of professional service providers that fall in our Affinity FedCircle™.

Fedmine is unique and vastly different than most federal business intelligence providers in the federal marketplace. Our online data repository is considered the largest accessible library on federal spending information on the Internet today. It appeals to organizations of all types who want to conduct business in the vast federal government marketplace.