What is new in Fedmine and what enhancements have been made lately?

Over the last several months, Fedmine has made some major upgrades and additions to the Fedmine application that not only increases the power for users of the system, but brings further ease of use with a drag and drop interface.  Some of these additions include:

  • SUPER FEDSEARCH™ :  Searches anything from 16 distinct federal databases in less than 3 seconds. Returns a Super Dashboard by data source for further drill down. Powerful Boolean Search with Save to trigger Alerts
  • PRIME CONTRACT SUMMARY ANALYSIS Visor™ :  One-Click access to an entire Contract, with Task Order Summary Analysis, number of actions, base and all options value, number of Sub Contractors, total dollars Subcontracted by Subcontractor,  Ultimate Completion Date and Actions by Task Order and for the Contract
  • NEGATION FILTERVisor™ :  Drag and Drop search elements on one side, exclude elements on the other. Save, receive Alerts, and discover opportunities in an innovative way
  • INDUSTRYVisor™:    All individual Industry Sector Tracking – PSC and NAICS Codes with Analysis of 7 categories with graphs, trends within each. 5,000+
  • GWACVisor™:  GWAC Center – Government Wide Acquisition Vehicle tracking by individual Task Order.  Task Order Alerts with details of Sub Contractors
  • SUBCONTRACT DATAVisor™:  Fully featured Subcontracting data from ESRS, auto-connected to FPDS-NG Prime Contracts identifying reported Subs on Prime contracts
  • LARGE PRIMEVisor™:  Top Large Contractors– Nesting under Parent companies for each individually reported subsidiary, Cage Code, PSC, NAICS, DODAAC
  • AGENCYVisor™:  Departmental Reports – DoD, SBA, VA, EDU…Ongoing customizations with agency collaboration, incumbents listings integrated with data from; FPDS, GAO, FBO, (FedBizOpps), GSA, Department of Defense, EPLS, PPIRS, and more
  • GOALINGVisor™: GOALING  – SBA Goaling Reporting Suite  for all agencies, bureaus, by; MAJCOM, DoDAAC,  Office ID, and agency sub-hierarchies down to VISN /Contracting Offices
  • ANOMALYVisor™:  ANOMALY Tracking in Real-Time – Daily tracking of awards where the size determination by Contracting Officer conflicts with SBA Small Business Size Standards
  • FBOAnalyst™:  Analyze the history of FBO opportunities by NAICS Code, Place of Performance, Agency, incumbents, Cage Code, DUNS, DODAAC, and other key criteria
  • SATAnalyst™:  Simplified Acquistion Threshold Reporting Suite, with search filters, dollars and percentages of Large vs. Small business dollars by Agency under the SAT threshold
  • SPECIAL STUDIES SUITEAnalyst™:  Custom, most powerful research tool of all, contains an extensive library of customized high level research

Powerful Alerts System, New GWAC Center, New Sub Contracting Data, and more…

Task Orders and Award Alerts

(Included in the core package)

  • Receive Alerts on contracts by Place of Performance for any prime contractor
  • Track Task Orders, or a solicitation, an IDIQ contract, with multiple links for drill down
  • Visit the GWAC Center to one-click into contracts by their common Government Wide Acquisition Vehicle alias names. Tracking procurements in real-time on omnibus contracting vehicles allows you to see how an agency is using one vehicle vs. another

Sub Contracting Data

(Optional add-on, separate module)

  • View Sub Contracts awarded to companies that are reported in the ESRS; view them by NAICS Code, Place of Performance, Company HQ, or Socio Economic Category, with links to deeper information about those contracts
  • Receive Daily Sub Contract Award Alerts if you company has purchased the add-on module for subcontracting data, you may elect to track a subcontractor, or the agency awarding the subcontract, or the contracting office making the award
  • View Prime Contracts for each Sub Contract awarded, fully linked to the original FPDS-NG transaction without needing to ever download data from two separate systems manually
  • View FSS IDV (GSA Schedule) Contracts – One-Click a report to obtain aggregates for all GSA contracts, Other Non-FSS IDV Contracts, compared to Non-IDV Contracts with full drill down on all numbers in comparative years with graphs
  • GSA Schedule Contracts by Large & Small Business Type– Ability to view Small vs. Large business awards on any given GSA schedule. In addition, it breaks out the result set by single actions/dollars, multi-award actions/dollars, and by total award actions/dollars
  • Exhibit 53 & 300 Search – Ability to view all line items rom the Exhibit 300 with a link to any contract awards that maybe directly related