Our Federal Agency Executive Information Dashboards provide instant access to data with interactive analytics. We help federal agency executives turn information into usable knowledge with just a few clicks.

Fedmine maximizes relevancy of data in all Federal Agency Executive Information Dashboards customized exclusively for Senior Procurement Officials (SPOs) and Head of Contracting & Acquisitions (HCAs), with the level of detail required to make smart business decisions.

We also provide Federal Agency Functional Information Dashboards for mid level management, and a distilled version of the existing Federal Agency Executive Information Dashboards customized for the secretary with top level agency performance indicators.

Our federal spending platform contains ready-to-use agency dashboards for all agencies of the federal government. This means you don’t have to download FPDS-NG data and piece together something so cumbersome to create your own. We have a customized dashboard of your agency waiting to be used. The proof is obviously in seeing it, right? Okay… just click this link and email us your request to receive your agency’s reports and we will send it out to you. Do not forget to include the name of your agency, or even the bureau you work for… because as a courtesy…. we will include your bureau’s spending profile when we respond to you.

You may also schedule a demo to get a peak inside our powerful application and see how other agencies are already using it to reduce their workloads. We will also send you a free custom report of your agency you might have never seen before, without any obligation!