On Capitol Hill balancing high priority domestic agendas while dealing with distracting constituent driven demands in the face of exponential change is the order of the day today.

Capitol Hill is faced with a diverse set of challenges in today’s ever changing, fast evolving environment. To achieve objectives for both citizens and the constituents who elected them to office, are not without their inherent challenges.

For optimal decision making, it is critical for elected officials within legislative agencies and lawmakers to be able to quickly access the most up to date federal spending data. But having access to distilled forms of readily usable information for every level of decison-making, is not without its challenges.

Congress needs timely insights into interactions taking place between contracting officers, small and large prime contractors, agency program managers and the office of small business programs. Fedmine can help foster greater information sharing that increases overall throughput and productivity at all levels of the government.


…made by lawmakers impacts current and future generations. Fedmine equips Congress with information it needs to make those decisions. Real-Time data empowers legislative staffers, aids and researchers to access customizable information to help reflect citizen demands in legislation.

  • Fedmine is the ONLY place where ALL Federal contract information is brought together under one easy-to-use solution that covers needs for:
    • All Federal agencies
    • All reported Prime and Subcontract Awards, FBO (FedBizOpps) solicitations linked to GAO Protests and OMB Exhibit 53 and 300 IT investment portfolios
    • All Federal spending data presented with interactive graphs, with horizontal and vertical drill down to tabular data
  • Utilize Customizable Reporting Capabilities for sorting, ranking, listing, targeting and drilling down to support all types of research relating to Federal Contract awards, on an individual or an aggregate basis
  • Monitor performance of small business goals in all socio economic categories by Agency, Bureau, Contracting Office
  • Receive Alerts to your custom defined thresholds, i.e., when a specific contract is awarded, or when a specific goal is unlikely to be met