Fedmine is the only tool capable of creating real time reports for the entire federal industry sector.

We create federal spending information from 18 distinct federal data sources by integrating them into one database for easy access for the entire federal industry sector.

Federal Contracts and Acquisition Reporting

Comprehensive Federal Contracts and Acquisitions Reporting Suite in one place

Fedmine is the only aggregator of federal spending data from eighteen distinct sources.  We cover the entire federal industry sector to provide agencies with Federal Agency Executive Information Dashboards.

Federal Vendor Contract Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence

Fedmine offers extensive information about every company, big or small, that has received a government contract in the past 17 years. If you are considering a vendor market research, especially as a PTAC, look no further. Find any company in SAM, DSBS, FPDS-NG, GSA Schedule sales query, VETBIZ, right here.

Share best practices, view SAT Reports, collaborate on federal agency strategies.

Share Best Practices

See contracts being awarded by federal agencies across government. View their Simplified Acquisitions Report (SAT) and collaborate on acquisition strategies to meet your agency goals.

Federal industry, agency,  and contract opportunity alerts

Set up alerts

Flag agencies, industries, contractors or contract opportunities that you wish to follow and receive alerts when activity occurs in the federal industry sector. Be as broad or as specific as you like.

Tools for the federal industry sector

Easy to use tool for to search anything in the federal industry sector

Finding what you’re looking for in Fedmine is simple for federal contractors, PTACs, and others—you can get as detailed as you need by adding custom search criteria. Search by agency, industry code, contractor revenue size, number of employees, geographical location, contract size, or specific business and see real-time federal contracts data as well as historical information about all federal contracts from the last 15 years.

Custom and standard reports with Fedmine

Standard and Customizable Report templates that update daily

You can use the standard reports already set up in Fedmine, or build your own and save the templates to share with coworkers. Add them to your Fedmine MarketView dashboard and see your reports update in real-time as new information becomes available.

Contracting Officers and their Technical Representatives are true partners to one another with program managers. Knowing how to collectively identify the right contractor can save time and money, strengthening their rapport.

Fedmine is a tool that permeates the silos within agencies and unifies efforts of policy, finance and operations for effective management.

  • By using Fedmine, all interested parties within agency acquisitions and contract management areas can oversee, tweak, and monitor the efficacy of their activities using executive information dashboards specific to their agency. For example, SBA’s Office of Government Contracting along with stakeholders such as PCRs, GOTRs, DOTRs, MBOCs, PTACs, SBDCs, SCORE, including headquarters to district offices, use Fedmine by receiving socioeconomic program accomplishment alerts in real-time
  • Fedmine significantly enhances the ability of federal agency program managers, contracting officers, small business liaisons, OSDBU, policy staff, and senior acquisitions directors to source small businesses for opportunities within key agency market segments by competency, geographic location, socio status, for teaming opportunities
  • You receive real-time alerts with information in your saved search criteria on anything related to federal awards and business opportunities. We cover all prime contractors, their past performance, company size, core competencies, number of employees, annual revenue, business size, helping bring together the right team members for any effort using empirical federal spending data. This data is the same for everyone, from headquarters to agency field operations, which means everyone remains on the same page
  • Using a powerful federal specific tool results in users receiving consistently higher quality of information increasing productivity, reducing duplication, and eliminating time expended on manual market research methods that are prone to error

Case Study:



You’ve got little time to do market research for your purchasing, and need the quickest way to tap a capable pool of vendors in a socio economic category.



You want to first size just how many vendors have past performance in a particular competency. This should not take you more than 5 minutes, if it does, just give me a call.You’ve got no time to play it cool. Once you have a job to do quickly, you need powerful information that makes you immediately capable of starting the tough talk. With those kind of ninja skills…. you can look around your meeting room and politely ask if anyone knows the volume of business each bureau and contracting office has made within your federal agency, right down to NAICS and PSC sectors in each socio category. You whip out your agency’s small business goaling report updated as of yesterday….aka in real-time!. Everyone around the room is in disbelief!So, what do you say? Something like, “Hey, thanks for all the efforts of everyone so far, but according to this report it seems like we ain’t meeting goals chiefly due to that CO in Kansas City. Keep in continuous contact. An email here and an email there just doesn’t do it. Stay in constant communication with your sales team. That’s what I’m here for…to keep the communication rolling. Just tell me what kind of information you need for your sales meeting and I will tell you where to find it in our system.I know I just gave you the abridged version for creating a federal go-to strategy for your company, but I’ve got a few links to some great example reports that you want to be able to get familiar with before you take the plunge.

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