Federal Contracting Vehicles

Department of Veterans Affairs, 36C10B18F2784

Market Research Software As A Service

We tailored our existing solution to OSDBU requirements before being awarded a contract - in one month

We delivered a solution more powerful and sophisticated than anyone  thought possible

We cut all the bleeding red ink and saved more than a few million dollars.

We revised agency estimates of future deliverables from months to days.

We did all this for less than the agency's estimated costs by 90%.

And it cost them less than 10% of what they had already paid without a working solution.

Our platform has been ready for years, and the most stable on the market as a result. Due to our exclusive focus on federal spending data only, our reputation is that if you have a need, it's more than likely we can fulfill it. We have your agency daily updated, and a robust application suite that is easy to us. You can monitor anything and download data at any time. There is no custom development to worry about and no costs to incur for unsure deliverables. No more teaching vendors your business to get to contract awards, and then to performance, before ever seeing the daylight of the solution that you needed yesterday.

With Fedmine there is no learning curve. And the best part is there is no delay in accessing yours or any agency's federal spending data, along with their small business goaling numbers, right down to each contracting office and DoDAAC in each agency's hierarchy. You can even compare your agency with other similar agencies. There is more usable information in Fedmine than available from anywhere period. There is no single solution that remotely compares to the depth, breadth, and sophistication of our platform, and forever unconquerable when you get real up close and personal in using our system. The arcane reporting structures so profusely prevalent pervade the entire system. We have every report you can imagine. We want you to believe that,  so you can challenge us to demonstrate it.

No more needless expenditures of energy over creation of lengthy documents with requirements, or time spent explaining what you do. We get it because that's the only thing we do. And we do it better than anyone.  

We know small businesses matter to the federal government. 

Agencies can access real-time spending information from 17 distinct federal data sources using one platform that’s integrating them into a single database for federal agencies and the federal industry sector to easily access.

Fedmine provides access and custom reporting capabilities to hundreds of users at the VA OSDBU. Fedmine has incorporated the market research report used by the VA staff into a template for users to follow a standardized process for vendor identification, market research and ultimately produce a downloaded report all from one location. In addition, Fedmine has provided development of dashboards, Goaling Reports, SAT Reports and created new custom reports by Region, VISN and Contracting Offices across the country.

To learn more about our contract with the VA and for instructions for VA organizations to login to Fedmine from the VetBiz Portal, visit our Department of Veterans Affairs page.

GSA Schedule GS-35F-0267X

Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services – General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule 70 132-52

Fedmine’s Information Technology (IT) General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) offers government agencies a streamlined way to procure our federal spending business intelligence services. Our IT Schedule gives quick and easy access to Fedmine’s platform for market research, vendor selection, SAT reporting and analysis, small business goaling accomplishments, goaling dashboards, spending by GSA categories and much more.

Contract #:                GS-35F-0267X
Socioeconomic:         Small business, Small disadvantaged business
DUNS:                      82-8316435
NAICS:                     541519
GSA Expiry:             March 3, 2021
GSA Advantage:      Fedmine GSA Advantage


IT Research and Informative Services Category-Based BPAs Awarded

Along with Gartner and Forrester Research, Fedmine has been awarded a multiple award, firm fixed price DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) valued at $446M.

Fedmine is the only small business on the contract. Learn more about our BPA Award here.

DoD Article BPA Contract Award Announcement

Fedmine BPA Press Release

Fedmine BPA Useful Information:

Effective Date:         03/25/2019
Contract #:         N66001-19-A-0013
Business Size:         Small
Cage Code:         62KK4
DUNS:         82-8316435
GSA Schedule:        GS-35F-0267X

GSA Expiry:         March 3, 2021
GSA Advantage:          Fedmine GSA Advantage

For more information on this blanket purchase agreement please contact Leila Salim at lsalim@fedmine.us or 301.279.7575.