Fedmine provides OSDBU professionals in offices across the federal government with small business specific reporting solutions crafted with compelling visualizations that help illuminate the information you need.

Generate SAT, anomaly and Contracting Office specific Goaling Reports with drill down to data. Acquire knowledge without the headache of managing resources for accumulating and processing data.

No need to manually create your small business Goaling Reports. We have daily updated one-click goaling reports for all agencies, bureaus, contracting offices and Department of Defense individual components by MAJCOM, Military Base, and DoDAAC. Complete high quality work without the burden of managing and keeping information current.

Market Research

Market Research

Comprehensive data on your agency’s federal contracts – who’s winning them, how much, when, where, which Contracting Office, Officer with links to solicitation and GAO protest documents, all with the SAM fields you need containing full contacts and email addresses

Monitor Actions

Monitor "High Risk" or "Flagged" Contracts Actions

Take corrective action well ahead of receipt of such information from a Congressional oversight and investigations committee on Capitol Hill, or an agency ascribed by the Hill to conduct such a task. Unlimited custom agency-specific reports that can instantly provide high risk analysis as defined by OFPP. Be ready to respond to Congressional inquiries involving contracting data. View protests filed at the GAO in real-time along with links to the actual FBO solicitation.

Bid Matching Contractors

Bid Matching Contractors with Upcoming Opportunities

Complete information that can be automated to create bid matches for your program managers. YOU help them make the connections!


Contract Award Performance to OSDBU Goals

Easily monitor and compare your agency’s OSDBU achievements with another agency. Find hot spots for increasing small business participation. Use the most up-to-date information on ALL Federal spending by each component contracting office level.

Automating Reports

Automated Reporting Customized to Your Specifications

If it is in FPDS-NG today, it is in Fedmine tomorrow! You’ll have the latest intelligence you need at your fingertips, displayed to your specifications, and set up to automatically send you alerts when new data is received.

Tracks Contract Violations (anomalies) IN 7 categories:

  • ORCA, NAICS, 8(a), Hub-Zone, DSBS NAICS, CCR Registration Expired and Other
  • Running summary of all seven categories of anomalies (current and 8 years back)
  • Simplified Acquisition Threshold & Dollar Band Reports for each bureau and CO within an agency showing contracts awarded between $3K to $150K range reserved for small businesses only
  • Socio Economic Spending on IDV vs. non-IDV Contracts; in comparison to the previous year, broken out by dollar ranges. Set-Aside and Socio Economic Category

Success Story

Small Business Administration

Each agency in the federal government submits its goaling reports to the SBA. The SBA was charged with tracking each department’s goals within each Agency, down to the contracting office. Every year, the agencies are required to submit their goaling numbers for the previous year by May 31. Given the volume of data, they needed an independent verification and validation tool to use internally on a daily basis. Working closely with the SBA, Fedmine designed a reporting suite that algorithmically calculates Goaling numbers in real-time using SBA and DoD Goaling methodologies consistent with FAR rules. It provides breakdown by specific categories down to Command (for DoD components such as Air Force, Army and Navy Commands) and DoDAAC (for DoD MAJCOM, PEO levels). This report is now in wide use by SBA for reports to congress and various constituents and Capitol Hill committees.