Federal Business Intelligence and Market Research Reports


The above listed reports are a tiny sliver of what is contained in the most authoritative federal spending data repository on the internet today.

There are millions of reports....and thousands of those are easily accessible with one click. Whether you need a listing of the top DoD Contractors by NAICS or PSC Code, or a list of prime contracting opportunities by DoDAAC, or simply those that are within your core competencies described in your own keywords, you will find it here in FEDMINE.

And if you are looking for subcontracting opportunities, or a list of contracts that require a subcontracting plan, then FEDMINE is the only subscription model that provides it all integrated under one roof. Search incumbents within any civilian agency or performing work at a specific DoDAAC within the department of defense that require a subcontract plan, or at a major command or military base, we have it all.