In the federal sector, large prime contractors need to supplement their current business intelligence with new information regarding competition and federal contract awards, in real time.

Using Fedmine,federal prime contractors can receive real-time alerts on contracts awarded to their competition, protests filed by or against a vendor, task order modifications issued, funding de-obligations, and even debarments for companies you track! And what's more, you can even track all your subcontractors and see who else they are subbing to.

Fedmine gives large prime contractors, systems integrators, and channel vendors the competitive intelligence and supporting federal data for identifying partnering opportunities with small business prime contractors in closely aligned niche markets.

For large prime contractors in this sector, having the latest competitive intelligence on federal contract awards is a required business practice. To compete well, you want to partner with subcontractors where rapid innovation is taking place. Those tend to come mostly from American small businesses. With our exclusive First Timer Reports, government agencies and contractors alike are able to track new prime contractors entering the federal market for the very first time by socioeconomic status, industry sector, and business size. The Fedmine system tracks four different kinds of First Timers. Call us today to see what you may not be getting from your current business intelligence provider.

Download samples of Federal data for prime contractors for a quick preview:

With this kind of federal business intelligence, you will look at the federal government space with a different perspective. Fedmine produces results for clients consistently, with reliable and accurate data to back it up.

Harness the power of the cleanest and most accurate information on federal government contracts!

The Benefits:

  • View active subcontracts with expiration dates
  • Filter by agency where a subcontract plans are required
  • Locate small and large prime contractors that have the proper skill sets to prime or sub on a contract opportunity
  • Enhance your federal contract bids by reviewing contracts set to expire in the near future
  • Review current incumbent contractors, number of task orders issued, or find them by place of performance
  • Keep an eye on competitor and partner activity with our daily email alert service
  • One-click view of large prime contractor profiles with reported subsidiaries

The Results:

  • Subcontracts are linked to prime contracts (from ESRS and FPDS-NG)
  • Download results in excel with full transaction details
  • Ability to locate firms that have the required skill sets to place proper federal contract bids 
  • Receive opportunities with links to incumbent information
  • Be better prepared to bid on federal business opportunities
  • View contract details, pricing, and a list of subcontractors
  • Research prime contractors by contract number, then opt to receive alerts when a task order is awarded to them
  • Roll up large prime contractors to view their subsidiaries; see the full profile of a parent company with federal contract awards, subcontracts, IDIQ, GSA contracts, contact information and more