PTAC Centers (Procurement Technical Assistance Centers) funded through cooperative agreements between the US Department of Defense (DoD) and state/local non-profit entities, provide significant direct help at little or no cost to small businesses across the country, from 300 locations.

Tasked with helping small businesses, PTACs and SBDCs often have small budgets and limited resources. However, Fedmine has several search and reporting capabilities to make your job easier.

Identify All Federal Government Contractors In Your Jurisdiction
Monitor Federal Spending Trends In Your Local Area
Provide Resources To Your Small Business Clients

Some of the ways our existing PTAC clients use Fedmine are:

  • To get a list of subcontractors being awarded contracts, with a link to full details of the Prime Contract and Prime Contractor.
  • List of First Timer Federal Contractors.  Providing detailed contract information on contractors awarded a federal contract for the very first time in your area.
  • View  SBA Small Business Agency Goaling Reports.
  • View listings of federal contractors by MAJCOM, Military Base, and DODAAC in your area. You can download reports by MSA, CBSA, STATE, COUNTY, and ZIP CODE to see a breakdown of awards by federal contractor for any component of a federal agency.
  • See Agency Profiles, down to the bureaus, with Graphs: Federal Market Views for each agency with full drill-down from an agency specific dashboard to listing of federal prime contractors by NAICS/PSC Code, Congressional District, Contracting Office, Category Management breakdown, IDIQ or IDV Contracts, First Timers in federal contracting, FBO Solicitations, and a whole lot more!
  • Receive daily alerts based on contract alerts and new solicitations
  • Get insight into contracts on GSA Schedules and IDIQs/GWACs

In 2017, PTACs served over 48,000 businesses and helped them win over $20 billion in government contracts and subcontracts. Some of those organizations are using Fedmine to help America’s small businesses!

"Fedmine is an invaluable resource for easily and clearly doing federal market research for our small business clients, so they are focusing on the right agencies and opportunities. Fedmine also allows us to easily research forecasted opportunities, identify competitors and federal contacts.” Jane Dowgwillo, PTAC Statewide Manager, Florida SBDC Network Headquarters