Why use the FEDMINE application and pay us when everything is available publicly for free?  That is a short-sighted question.

Because only timely, informed decision-making can set you apart, and that can only comes if you have  access to accurate data. Use of sub optimal federal market intelligence by any prime or sub contractor can result in lost business opportunities.

Therefore, consider these reasons for ‘why use the FEDMINE application’. Time of course tops the list. Furthermore, do not under-estimate the amount of internal resources needed just to produce a couple of quality FedBiz spending reports. Lets consider a few of those;

  1. Top Small Prime Contractors
  2. Small Hub Zone Sub Contractors in ESRS
  3. Spending by NAICS Code for each federal market sector
  4. Contracts by DoDAAC for each individual DoD component
  5. Today’s Contracting Agencies from FPDS-NG
  6. A list of primes at the department of defense with the most awards on a particular GWAC
  7. Eligible defense spending dollars where small business participation can be maximized
  8. Federal contract awards that resulted from BPA calls, or FAR Part 8 or FAR Part 13
  9. Awarded federal contracts with a federal spending chart
  10. Contracts awarded on VETS GWAC
  11. DoD contract awards to 8a Contractors
  12. Contracts by Contracting Office
  13. Contracts by Congressional District for each Congressman

You get the picture I suppose. Clearly you realize this cannot be made into a repeatable error free process without some major effort.

Consequently, even if you are good at it, manually piecing together data is not recommended due to the pace of the change in volume, velocity and veracity of data.

It takes only one mistake for an over zealous personality to jump to a conclusion your methods are of questionable integrity.

We know how that feels like….as today’s business environment seems like very unforgiving. You are only as good as your most recent mistake. No matter how many prior successes you can boast, your first mistake in a critical field as information gathering, can be devastating. So here is why you should consider using the FEDMINE application:

  • FEDMINE strives to minimize the information overload that typically affects most organizations in today’s fast paced business environment. But why use FEDMINE you might ask?
  • Some of the key system attributes listed below are noteworthy because they provide you with direct answers.  Most of all, they help shed light on the value we bring to our clients.
    • Our game changing solution mitigates risks for all commercial clients selling into the federal space by allowing a full understanding of how and where the money is being spent. It details all the current players in the federal markets of your interest so you enter with eyes open in each of your given sectors
    • FEDMINE provides not only the most current data available on the federal market from any source, but it is the only federal business intelligence tool that provides the most relevant information. Because it is in real-time, for all Prime Contracts & Opportunities, and near-real-time for Sub Contract Awards. That is a great answer in itself for ‘Why Use the FEDMINE application’.
    • You need access to Federal Contract information as soon as it is released, that is your key to gain competitive advantage. Perhaps using our system side by side with another can help differentiate what you may not be receiving from your current business intel provider
    • Authorized login credentials for government databases, allows us to aggregate data from disparate government sources eliminating the need for our clients to search through multiple databases, websites, or publications.
    • FEDMINE brings together, into one database, all pertinent federal business opportunities and contract award information from across all federal business sectors from all federal agencies, including OCONUS.
    • Users gain access to readily usable information, not data. Everything is seamlessly connected at the back-end to help you optimize your decisions, and due to that it is contained in one easy simple solution.
    • FEDMINE simplifies understanding and using federal spending data. The solution is designed for users to become knowledge workers, not technicians.
    • The system comes complete with a powerful standard reporting system, that out-of-the box, is ready to display hard-to-find information very quickly.
    • Creating custom federal spending reports, contract and task order award alerts, or your own federal dashboard can be simply created with one click. Clients of all types are able to easily find the specific information that’s important for their industry, whether it is a company, an agency, or a specific contract.
    • The licensing of our product is flexible and adjustable; our Software as a Service (SaaS) model means you can begin using it immediately without the need to invest in IT, and accomplish it with the turn of a switch.
    • Client Support is available for the duration of the subscription. Support requirements over and above the standard are negotiated upon number of licenses and business needs.

    Why use the FEDMINE Application

    When people ask us ‘Why use the FEDMINE application?’, we provide the following succinct answers:

    • FEDMINE.US™ provides not only the most current information available on the federal market from any source, but it is the only federal business intelligence tool that provides information in real-time.
    • As a result the timeliness of our data is unparalleled. Having access to Federal Contract information as soon as it is published is a key advantage for FEDMINE.US™ clients.
    • Federal agency priorities are ever changing, and agendas shift – knowing and being able to adjust to these changes as they happen positions our clients as leaders and innovators. Hence they remain highly in tune with their federal government client needs
    • The completeness of our information eliminates the need for our clients to search through multiple databases, websites, or publications. FEDMINE.US™ brings together, into one database, all federal contract information from across federal business sectors, across all agencies, and across geographies
    • FEDMINE.US™ clients have at their fingertips every piece of data they need for competitive bidding. As such, it helps build and sustain a competitive edge for winning federal contracts which is especially relevant in the long run
    • FEDMINE.US™ is turnkey and user-friendly. The solution is designed for users to be researchers, not technicians. The system comes complete with standard reports out-of-the box; and creating custom reports, alerts, and dashboards are simple.
    • You’ll be able to easily find the specific information that’s important for your industry, your company, or specific contract. You’ll be in the system and using the information immediately.
    • The FEDMINE.US™ solution is web-based and licensing is flexible and adjustable. Hosted on Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancing infrastructure (AWS ELB EC2), it is scalable and affordable. If you are small, start with a single user eat. Or get several colleagues to collaborate together, and if you need more, consider our enterprise license.  Subscriptions are annually renewed, usually within budget. Usage can be turned on with a flick of a switch.

Now if any one asks you why use the FEDMINE application, just point them to this page!