The FedCircle™

About the FedCircle™

Fedmine is the only business intelligence service organization with a customizable, affordable product that addresses the unique needs of all 3 sectors of the federal contracting universe: The Federal Government, prime contractors and affinity support companies.

We call this the FedCircle©.

Federal agencies sit at the center of our universe. Our platform automatically pulls from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS-NG) and other government sources in real time, empowering your team to slice, dice, analyze and take action faster than your competition.

Whether you’re an agency pushing your mission forward, a prime contractor looking to improve your win rate or a support services company looking to grow, we can help simplify a complex federal contracting market. Our services and business intelligence platform transforms a sprawling, seemingly disconnected market into unified, interconnected data ecosystem customized to your needs.

We help FedCircle© companies thrive. It’s really that simple.

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