We serve the FedCircle® comprising three distinct US federal market segments

At the center of this universe is the federal government, surrounded by large and small prime contractors and organizations providing services and support to prime contractors. Organizations in the outer most circle generally provide a broad range of services, and may not necessarily target the government as their primary client.

The FedCircle® represents the full addressable federal market for business information services.

Federal agencies spend money to carry out their agency missions by doing business with various organizations. All non-classified federal expenditures are reported into the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS-NG) if their value is over $3,000. Financial assistance dollars in the form of grants and loans reside on USASpending.gov and archives.gov (formerly at the Census Bureau’s Federal Assistance Award Data System or FAADS).


The FedCircle® explained


The Federal Universe consists of 3 separate market segments each with its own unique needs. FEDMINE is the only product capable of addressing all three segments with one affordable product and customized solution

Fedmine FedCircle

1. Agency Circle:

  • Executive
  • Legislative
  • Congressional Lawmakers
  • Program Managers
  • Contracting Officers
  • Small Business Program Offices
  • SADBU Offices
  • SBA offices
  • MBDA offices
  • All other direct federal Small Business Support

2. Contractor Circle:

  • Small Business Contractors
  • Large Prime Contractors
  • Sub Contractors
  • Channel Vendors
  • Contracting Associations

3. Growth Support

  • Service Providers
  • CPA, M&A, Law firms
  • Banks, Factoring firms
  • GSA Schedule preparation firms
  • Business Consulting firms
  • Economic & Trade Dev. Agencies
  • Small Business Interest Groups
  • Veteran interest groups
  • Women interest groups
  • Minority interest groups
  • PTAC Centers
  • SBDC offices