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What is your pricing?

Pricing for the complete Fedmine iContractor Pro application suite starts at $5000 for a single user license. The options to subscribe are for iContractor Premium that starts at $8,950 for three users, and for federal government clients we have the complete GovPro suite with goals management, anomaly transaction tracking, and SAT monitoring.

Subscriptions to our product can be made against our GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0267X, or on the Department of Defense Contract #DoD ESI BPA N66001-19-A-0013 until 2029, and start at $6,950 for a three user license.

There are numerous other options to purchase a subscription and are not limited to the above. Most companies pick one of the above three, but there are many who opt to customize their subscription to fit their business needs. So we created a flexible yet simple pricing model that is a sliding scale based on the number of licenses your organization requires and the increase/decrease in the available options within your subscription. 



Our services are best suited for organizations requiring higher efficiency and quicker ROI from the use of a federal business intelligence tool. Whether you are a federal agency wanting to conduct market research, or a prime contractor looking to increase the win ratio that is entirely dependent upon data timeliness for decision-making, you will value our consistently accurate and timely data. And most of it is in real-time - there is no other competitor that comes close. No one.

We encourage a strategic approach to develop federal business. There are no quick hits, a sustained effort in identifying the right agencies for your products and services is key. For that reason, subscriptions are priced annually.

Once you can generate your market view, it will give you a higher degree of confidence towards achieving results. We help you define your core target market, or your market view. Just ask us for "how to setup MyFedConnect Marketview".

More clarity on how we do this is can be demonstrated in a training session. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to get your report and download it. 

For more information please call us at (301) 279-7576, or email us at help@fedmine.us.