This page contains small business resources on a handful of federal business development and agency market research topics of interest.

From GSA’s strategic sourcing prices paid tool to a prior Fedmine publication on US Federal Spending.

We also list helpful articles on our blog which can be visited by clicking here.

The federal market is an ecosystem that starts with missions but ends with people. It includes agencies, contractors and all the companies that help facilitate their growth. Below are resources within Fedmine for those looking to or already doing business with the federal government.

Fedmine - Software As A Service

  • Efficient Federal Business Development
  • Informed Business Decisions
  • Real-Time Competitive Intelligence & Agency Monitoring
  • Opportunity Tracking and Task Order Alerts
  • Federal Small Business Contracting Goals Met
  • Expiring Contract Opportunities
  • Subcontract awards linked to Prime Contracts at the Task Order Level
  • Collaborative Pipeline Management

In a world where investment and operational dollars remain scarce, a more profitable approach to getting and serving customers requires strategies that both reduce the cost of service delivery and improve the value of customer interactions.

Therefore, companies must try to quantify the amount they spend on acquiring customers with the profits generated from servicing those clients. So if you are not using the right information, you are being left behind. Literally falling behind faster than you can imagine. Let us show you how big data in government is shaping the business intelligence market for you:

Fedmine - Big Data Simplified Value Proposition

  • See how your company’s profile compares with others
  • Discover competitors winning business in your backyard
  • Receive alerts on re-compete opportunities at any agency for any kind of business
  • Automate the qualification and tracking of federal business opportunities that you ever knew existed
  • Download contact information with email addresses, narrow down to contracting officers issuing contracts in your industry codes, then drill down to full details of transactions to see what was awarded

Fedmine is the ONLY site where public federal spending information is combined into one database for easy analytics. With over a decade of industry success behind us, we have been doing this for over 10 years, and no one does it better. Here is some more for you to consider:

Competitive Intelligence By Agency And Industry Sector

  • Links between parent companies and their reported subsidiaries
  • Sub Contracts in ESRS connected to prime contracts in FPDS-NG
  • Agency, Bureau, MAJCOM, DoDAAC, and Contract Office spending with drill down on graphs with analytics. We have deep levels of data including:
    • Real-Time and Historical Data
    • Easy-to-use Search Functions
    • Customizable Reports
    • Tracking and Alerts
    • Comprehensive Information