Small Business Prime Contractors

The difficulties small businesses suffer through while breaking into the federal sector are enormous. Consider the facts....

Each agency is required to meet an annual goal

to contract with small businesses in various socio economic groups that together constitute a “government-wide” goal of roughly 23.1%.

That constitutes almost $100 billion dollars!

While the government works very hard to meet its goals…

the complexity involved in sourcing small businesses is an inherently time consuming task, one which is pre-disposed to produce inconsistency over periods of time, no matter how hard one tries.

  • Receive notification of upcoming & expiring opportunities/contracts/grants via “alerts”
  • See which Federal Agencies are spending and where the contracts are going
  • Identify your competitors and see the contracts and dollar amounts they’re winning
  • Find potential prime contractor partners for collaborative contract bids
  • One-click links to decision makers and their contact information by industry, agency, and Contracting Office
  • FPDS-NG, GAO, OMB, GSA data all aggregated in the FEDMINE view

Fedmine harnesses the power of information!

For Helping Win Federal Government Contracts

Knowing when, on what, and how much the Federal Government is spending, together with who is winning that business, and where the opportunities are coming from (agency), empowers YOU to win a share of Federal Contract business!

For small companies, FEDMINE finally provides an affordable business intelligence tool that helps to level the playing field. It provides powerful reports that enable small business owners to identify new markets through quickly assessing trends and spending patterns.

Business Opportunities

  • View Solicitations By Contracting Officer – including industry sector, with links to FBO Award Announcements tied to each contracting officer
  • View GAO protests linked to original solicitations and award notices, with SOW documents linked to FPDS-NG transactions
  • Discover solicitations bid by a company when an award is announced in their favor from documents released on FEDBIZOPPS
  • Configure Keyword Buckets – and save them. Then invoke them without retyping from a drop down on a search template as needed. Manage and edit them on the fly from a custom link, or automate your saved searches to receive alerts

The FEDMINETM Value Proposition:

To Winning Federal Government Contracts
  • Real-Time Competitive Intelligence Allows Seamless Monitoring Of Your Market
    Real-Time Competitive Intelligence & Agency Monitoring
  • Make Informed Business Decisions In Your Vertical Market
    Informed Business Decisions And Planning
  • Transparency Into Awards Your Vendors Are Receiving Helps With Your Resource Allocation
    Transparency And Accountability Of Agency Awards
  • consolidated
    Efficient Federal Business Development
  • Opportunity Tracking And Alerts
    Opportunity Tracking And Alerts