If you are a bank, a CPA or M&A firm, a law firm or a GSA Schedule preparation firm or other such federally focused professional services providers, identifying and targeting growing contractors actually winning federal business is a need you want to fulfill, easily and sustainably.

Here are four distinct reasons why firms like yours use FEDMINE.US on a daily basis…. You not only remain better informed of prospective clients, but you get to congratulate them on awards often before they know it!

  • consolidated
    Target And Identify New Clients
  • Opportunity Tracking And Alerts
    Monitor Trends Within Client Industries
  • consolidated
    Keep Up-To Date For Clear Decision-Making
  • Opportunity Tracking And Alerts
    Track New And Potential Customers With Ease
  • Analyze a company’s market segments based on its industry group for M&A consideration, and risk mitigation
  • View expiring contracts a company has with un-billed amounts on each contract for value consideration on a buy-out
  • Improve valuation techniques by using data groomed for quick understanding with links to actionable reports
  • Download data with charts and graphs, conduct analysis of strengths and weaknesses for any company
  • Measure the total scope of relationships between individual companies, or a group of companies


If you are new to FEDMINE, allow us to provide you with a quick glimpse into the eclectic client mix that comprises our user client base. It will help professional services providers such as you understand why our product is so broadly pervasive in the federal sector.

Many market segments we serve today are new or were never addressed, or maybe they could not be addressed, because each required a tailored product to fulfill the particular market’s needs. That was a tall order for earlier legacy service providers.

Professional services providers use our solution for prospecting, planning, proposing, and partnering. Knowing when, on what, and how much the federal government is spending, together with who is winning that business and where the opportunities are coming from, gives our clients the needed edge. Our clients know who their prospects are. They know who their competition is. They can size opportunities better than their less informed competitors. They can identify other successful contractors to partner with. They can see where business has been awarded historically, and they can plan to successfully compete for upcoming awards, contracts and grants and re-compete opportunities.

Built in an easy web-based format, FEDMINE.US is a powerful, user-friendly database application. It’s both comprehensive and flexible enough to provide very specific, very customized, and very up-to-date information needed by businesses large and small, and a growing list of federal government agencies.

We leverage a modern database architecture that allows us to fuel innovation into our product easily. This allows us to address broad needs of a variety of clients we service. Today, we continue to grow rapidly due to this acquired ability of being able to serve a diverse client base, the ability to discover unmet needs, and the ability to address them head-on.

The FEDMINE.US vision is to create an even playing field, encourage fair competition, and provide deeper transparency into federal spending for industry and government. Federal contracting officers for instance, can conduct quality and efficient market research, affordably and swiftly.

Our service is to make the complex understandable. Our solution helps businesses and government agencies narrow down the overwhelming amount of data available from numerous disparate sources, to the specific information that is relevant to them. We help clients find the specific opportunities they seek. We help businesses become aware of and compete for the many opportunities offered by the federal government. We also help the government reduce anomalies in federal contracting.

“This is how we provide value to our clients. We believe we can provide value to you.”