Federal OSDBU Professionals

FEDMINE provides OSDBU professionals in offices across the federal government with small business specific reporting solutions crafted with compelling visualizations that help illuminate the information you need.


and Contracting Office specific Goaling Reports with drill down to data. Acquire knowledge without the headache of managing resources for accumulating and processing data.


create your small business Goaling Reports. We have daily updated one-click goaling reports for all agencies, bureaus, contracting offices and Department of Defense individual components by MAJCOM, Military Base, and DoDAAC. Complete high quality work without the burden of managing and keeping information current

Market Research Market Research 
Comprehensive data on your agency’s federal contracts – who’s winning them, how much, when, where, which Contracting Office, Officer with links to solicitation and GAO protest documents.. with the SAM fields you need containing full contacts and email addresses.
money Bid Matching Contractors with Upcoming Opportunities
Complete information that can be automated to create bid matches for your program managers. YOU help them make the connections!
Award Performance Contract Award Performance to OSDBU Goals
Easily monitor and compare your agency’s OSDBU achievements with another agency. Find hot spots for increasing small business participation. Use the most up-to-date information on ALL Federal spending by each component contracting office level.
Reporting Automated Reporting Customized to Your Specifications
If it is in FPDS-NG today, it is in FEDMINE tomorrow! You’ll have the latest intelligence you need at your fingertips, displayed to your specifications, and set up to automatically send you alerts when new data is received.
Contract Anomalies for OSDBU Professionals Contract Award Anomalies Flagged and Alerts Sent
Identify situations where mismatches occur between OSDBU awards and contractor qualifications.