History never lies! We serve millions of reports daily.

adobe-light-bulb-blue-circle-1We definitely are a proven product, the most widely used within the federal sector! Don’t believe it to be true? Simply scroll down and click to view any report. You will see original stamps at top right for each report.

Yes, we were the first to create such rich information as far back as 2007. Now can anyone else show you such indelible proof? Not remotely possible.

Yes, we have been around for a decade. But the first 4 years were strictly development of the product. We are here to stay and our competition knows that. Fedmine is the most comprehensive database available in the federal marketplace today.

The following links take you to reports generated as far back as 2007, the year we went live with Fedmine. Smart folks will instantly know that there is not anything like this on the market today, and perhaps won’t be for a long time to come.

Yes it is true…we have well over 5 Million Reports… and counting!

The federal spending and expenditure reports on this page have time stamps dating back to 2007. These are from our first version of the flagship Fedmine product. We listed them here because we want to educate our visitors that we have been providing federal spending data for more than a decade. Each report has a time and date stamp at top right indicating when it was generated. They are historical, a snapshot in time. All these reports are updated in our system daily. For obtaining the latest version for any report, whether listed here or not, just email us at info@fedmine.us