Benefits of using the Fedmine platform

(version 5.0)

Real Time

1)    Fedmine continues to provide not only the most current data available on the federal market from any source, but it is the only federal business intelligence tool that provides information in real-time. Benefits using Fedmine…


2)    The timeliness of our data is unparalleled in the federal marketplace.  Having access to Federal Contract information as soon as it is published is just one of many key advantages for Fedmine clients.  Federal Agency priorities are ever changing, and agendas shift daily – knowing and being able to adjust to such changes as they happen positions our clients to be viewed as leaders and innovators, highly in tune with Federal Government needs.


3)    The completeness of our information eliminates the need for our clients to search through multiple databases, websites, or publications.  Fedmine brings together, into one database, all Federal Contract information across business sectors, across agencies, and across geographies.  Fedmine clients have at their fingertips every piece of data they need to build a competitive edge and win Federal Contracts.


4)    Fedmine is turnkey and user-friendly.  The solution is designed for users to be researchers, not technicians.  The system comes complete with standard reports out-of-the box; and creating custom reports, alerts, and dashboards are simple.  You’ll be able to easily find the specific information that’s important for your industry, your company, or for one specific contract.  You’ll be in the system and using the information immediately.


5)    The Fedmine solution is scalable and affordable.  Depending on a client’s needs and capacity, web-based Fedmine can easily be deployed for one, several, or many users across your company via the intranet.  Licensing is flexible and adjustable; deployment is within your budget, and accomplished with the turn of a switch.