Multitude of new Reports, with significant enhancements to existing Reports

All Reports are available within the regular suite – from the main menu bar.

A sample listing is provided below:

  1. Contract Roll-up by Contract number, aggregated with each individual transaction
  2. Contracts coming up for re-compete, for all industry sectors, for any business type
  3. Contracts by alias name listed in our GWAC Center provides immediate access to them
  4. Enhanced keyword search that allows multiple buckets of keywords to be saved and invoked using a search template to find vendors, or opportunities that can be easily saved for immediate and future re-use, and triggering alerts based on saved criteria
  5. Alerts on Congressionally mandated Agency Goaling Reports | by Bureau | CO in XLS
  6. Alerts on obligations and de-obligations for any of your clients
  7. Alerts in HTML or Excel for all solicitations are configured in order to provide users more choices to import them into their own systems
  8. Ability to view Agency dashboards for top NAICS and PSC code spending for multiple fiscal years and through the present in near real-time
  9. Ability to configure sophisticated keyword searches and set them to trigger automatic alerts. Receive an alert when an agency awards a contract with contract details.
  10. Daily Agency Buying Report for all Socio Economic Categories by Geographic Location
  11. Cumulative Agency Summary report with drill down by SBA District Office
  12. Receive Alerts of new GAO Protests filings with links to daily FBO solicitations
  13. The ability to search by Company Headquarters Location (HQ), and Contract Award Place of Performance (POP) by Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA), State, County, Zip code has been added in multiple areas within FEDMINE
  14. Company Profiles –
    1. View All Subsidiaries – Now both a given Vendor’s corresponding profile, and the parent Vendor’s corresponding reported gross receipts rolled-up into a single profile can be viewed.
    2. Custom Filters – Ability to upload a series of DUNS numbers in order to track award and de-obligation for the DUNS numbers chosen all from one daily alert report
    3. Custom Filters Negation – Ability to negate the custom list of DUNS numbers from the results set in order to view companies that you may not have been aware of in your district.
    4. First Timer Contractors – Receive Alerts for each company receiving an award for the very first time, across the entire federal government. Slice by CBSA, State, County, Socio Status, Agency, NAICS Code, Award Dollar Range and more
    5. Download – Company AND Agency Profiles to Excel