Here are all the federal data sources we aggregate data from. As a client, you have the right to know what data sources you will be accessing to base your business decisions. Therefore, please review the table below and rest assured. We are the only federal business intelligence service provider who publicly declares its data sources to its clients. It is the only way to build trust, which we know is important for you.

# Data Source Automated Aggregation Update Frequency Key Feature of Data Source
1 FPDS-NG (04 to current FY YTD updated to previous night) ✔ Daily Daily XML Web Service from the Federal Procurement Data System-NG for all IDV and Non IDV Contract Awards
2 FedBizOpps ✔ Daily Daily solicitations from FBO with original documents, going back to FY 2001
3 ✔ Daily Daily, going back to FY 2001
4 Dynamic Small Business Database (DSBS-SBA) ✔ Daily Federal Small Business Contractors Database with Socio Economic Certifications
5 General Accountability Office (GAO) Bid Protests ✔ Daily GAO Protests Filed, Decisions Rendered, tied to FPDS-NG, and FBO
6 Office of Management & Budget (OMB) ✔ Weekly Budgetary information, President’s Agenda, Agency Snapshots, and Exhibits 53 and 300s tied to FPDS-NG
7 GSA Schedules ✔ Weekly GSA Schedules by SIN and Type integrated with FPDS-NG
8 ESRS (Electronic Sub Contracts Reporting System) ✔ Weekly Data on Sub Contracts, by Prime, Sub, and Agency, including Place of Performance, NAICS Code. Includes Officer Salary
9 SAM (System for Award Management) ✔ Weekly SAM (formerly CCR), for Entity Records of federal contractors. FOIA RECORDS and SAM Exclusions, ORCA records
10 FAPIIS(Federal Awardee Performance Integrity Information System) ✔ Weekly FAPIIS, and data from SAM Exclusions (formerly:EPLS Excluded Parties List System))
11 USA ✔ Weekly Various data elements to complement existing data federal data sets
12 Federal Award Assistance Data – FAADS Scheduled Release Grant Awards Data by CFDA, State, County, Zip, MSA, CBSA for all Federal Assistance related to Grants
13 Census Bureau Scheduled Release Tabulations of Census Tracts, County, State and FIPS Codes for GEO Reports
14 PTAC (Procurement technical Assistance Centers) Scheduled Release Program and event information, with full contact information for all State Directors and staff
15 DoD (MAJCOM, DoDAAC) Scheduled Release Used to aggregate data for DoD Major Commands, Military Bases, Contracting DoDAAC component levels
16 GPO (General Publishing Office) Scheduled Release US Code, FedSys materials and various pieces of information to augment Budgetary data sets
17 Veterans Affairs VIP ✔  Daily VIP database including verifications, non-verifications,
non-renewed, and cancelled