To provide sustainable flows of real-time information that potentially guide industry and federal agencies to the shortest path for conducting mutually beneficial business interactions

Congressional Lawmakers and State House Representatives on Capitol Hill are faced with a diverse set of challenges in today’s ever changing, evolving environment. This is true both nationally and globally. These often conflict with the real business priorities faced by executives in mission critical areas of an agency.

While lawmakers must consider the constituents who elected them to office,  executive level agencies effectuate mission critical objectives to serve citizens and organizations who support them. These come with inherent political and operational challenges contractors must embrace. Our Federal Agency Executive Information Dashboards provide the necessary level of detail to help cope with such situations.

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more than 4,000 key federal employees to help make the best decisions for our nation on a daily basis. This group is collectively making decisions that impact our current and future generations as a whole.


be based on the most recent and relevant federal spending data available. FEDMINE aggregates data in real-time from disparate federal data sources only, then distills it quickly, on the fly, to create a powerful decision support tool for federal agencies.


Supporting Reports

Top 8(a) Contractors on SEAPORT-E in FY 2012

Top Small Business Prime Contractors at MAJCOM- MSC (Dept. of the Navy)

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FEDMINE as a solution capable of providing immediate impact in effectuating the objectives of the Small Business Jobs Act, with simultaneous achievement of “High Priority Performance Goals” mapped to Strategic Objectives 1.2 and 1.3 outlined in SBA’s Strategic Plan 2011-2016.

Additionally, FEDMINE is the only program on the market with the highest potential of success, having already proven itself within the SBA Office of Field Operations. Other federal agencies are well on their way to rapid acceptance of its capabilities.


FEDMINE also helps resolve well over 50% of the challenges outlined in the President’s “INTERAGENCY TASK FORCE ON FEDERAL CONTRACTING OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES” paper issued April 27, 2010. Some of the main ones are:

  • A better equipped, more informed and more accountable acquisition workforce
  • Improved outreach and better use of technology and data
  • Leverage technology to enhance transparency, increase federal procurement accessibility for small businesses, and improve data quality
  • Improve accessibility and usability of small business procurement data
  • Provide for a better trained workforce and hold agencies accountable for meeting small business goals
  • Improve data quality related to small business contracting through use of validation rules and improved systems integration
  • Use “carrots and sticks” to create a greater sense of agency accountability for reaching small business federal contracting goals
  • Facilitate the identification and rapid adoption of successful practices, especially those that highlight collaborative efforts between agency small business directors and senior procurement executives
  • Facilitate the identification and rapid adoption of best practices across the agencies to maximize successful strategies


problem faced by federal agencies


Business research to seek out experienced small businesses quickly at an agency, with a given core competency in a specific geography, is a time consuming effort for organizations of all sizes, including the government.

It involves unearthing business information from authoritative sources of various kinds, then assimilating and putting the information together in a manner that can help teams arrive at some level of confidence the chosen companies have a reasonable chance of competing on a bid.

In the federal vertical this efforts usually involves the use of experts to effectively achieve results because they are more probable than others who understand the value drivers on both sides of the fence. This consists of federal agencies and prime contractors, and the stake holder’s circle supporting the federal sector as a whole, such as SBDC, PTAC, and SCORE centers to name a few.

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FEDMINE.US has developed a program that dramatically reduces the time it currently takes to conduct any kind of market research on prime contractors, federal spending data, past-performance, business size, ORCA certifications, stated NAICS size standards compared to those in DSBS in real-time, 8(a) and HubZone certifications, and many important elements required for forming teams for larger contracts.