Fedmine eases the procurement process for contracting officers:

Comprehensive Federal Spending and Vendor history – ALL in one place

Fedmine is the only data aggregator with specialized technology in the federal sector capable of combining critical information you need from multiple sources, and providing access to all of them from one easy to use application. You gain access to quick analysis across 12 concurrent years of up-to-date contract awards data, or analyze a specific topic, for example an Analysis of FPDS-NG Awards by Solicitation procedure used for one year with full drill-down across all agencies simultaneously.

Vendor Selection Diligence

Fedmine offers extensive up-to-date information on every current federal prime contractor, including all registered in SAM. Conduct your federal market research with real-time visibility into vendor past performance history, or elect to receive daily federal contract award alerts on interested vendors for any agency contracting office(s). If you are in the middle of a procurement process contemplating FAR Part 8 and FAR Part 13 types of contract awards, our rich vendor profiles contain all federal reports you will need.

Vendor Selection Bid Match

If you routinely check CPARS, EPLS, or FAPIIS prior to making small business awards to meet prime contracting goals, or planning to send out a competitive bid notice to select vendors or post to FBO, then there is no better destination on the Internet to match federal contractors to open bid solicitations. On this site you can obtain rich data on any federal contractor with one-click.

Share Best Practices

See what other Federal Agencies are doing; through Fedmine you can study how other Agencies distribute their contracts among vendors, how they utilize small businesses, or how they coordinate one contract among multiple vendors. Identify peer contacts and reach out to them to collaborate on acquisition strategies to meet goals.

Set up alerts

Flag agencies, industries, contractors or contract opportunities that you wish to follow and immediately receive alerts WHEN activity occurs. Be as broad or as specific as you like. Or obtain rare reports that provide meaningful information on demand.

Easy to use tool for searches

Finding what you’re looking for in Fedmine is simple; you can get as detailed as you need by adding layers of criteria…search by agency for each NAICS industry code, contractor revenue size or number of employees, geography, contract size or specific business and see real time as well as historic information about all Federal Contracts. You may even want to provide a pipeline spreadsheet with incumbent contractor information with links to the original solicitation.

Standard and Customizable Report templates that update daily

You can use the standard reports already set up in Fedmine, or build your own and save the templates to share with coworkers. Add them to your Fedmine MarketView dashboard and see them update real-time as new information becomes available. Or you may want to download all sub contractors doing business with a particular agency with full details.

Contracting Officers and their Technical Representatives are true partners to one another with program managers. Knowing how to collectively identify the right contractor can help save time and money, strengthening their rapport. Fedmine empowers each individual in this partnership to quickly locate businesses large and small, from First Timers (the vendors newly ushered into the contracting arena ─ this number is almost 35,000 each year as tracked by Fedmine) to established players.

Fedmine is a tool that permeates the silos and unifies efforts of policy and acquisitions for contracting officers within any agency.

  • By using Fedmine, all interested parties from SBA’s Office of Government Contracting, to the ultimate winners of the grant (grantees), and stake holders such as PCRs, GOTRs, DOTRs, MBOCs, PTACs, SBDCs, SCORE, and headquarters with a means to oversee, tweak, and monitor the efficacy of the program in real-time
  • It significantly enhances the ability of all users to source small businesses for opportunities within key market segments by competency, geographic location, socio status, for teaming opportunities
  • Real-time alerts and information of all prime contractors, their past performance, company size, core competencies, number of employees, annual revenue, business size, will help bring together the right team members for a given opportunity based on empirical data. This will be the same data everyone from headquarters to field operations and grantees will use
  • The Fedmine program will result in increased productivity, reduce duplication and time expended on market research conducted individually by all

Case Study


As a contracting officer you’ve got little time to do market research in a hectic contracting agency environment. Therefore, you want to be able to quickly tap a capable pool of proven vendors having all the following socioeconomic categories; SDVOSB, 8a certified, and be a women owned business.


As contracting officers you want to first narrow your research to companies having all three socioeconomic categories, in one click (3 seconds). Next you want to size just how many of those prime vendors have past performance in the NAICS and PSC sector you want with real-time drill down on all their awarded contracts to confirm historical transactions. If you are a lucky user of Fedmine this should not exceed 5 seconds tops. If these two tasks take you more than that, you need to give me a call. As a professional when you need to make an award, you need powerful information from authoritative sources to take action have it backed up with solid market research. One click download of all data, that is it. If you can’t have this report ready in less than one minute, you definitely need to get access to Fedmine to do your job flawlessly and efficiently.