Channel Vendors

  • Receive customized real-time “alerts” when a tracked systems integrator wins a Federal Government Contract
  • Understand competition, review their products, automate keyword searches for vendor products you represent
  • Follow all task orders of interest, and receive an alert when a contract modification is issued
  • Size the contract – download transaction history into Excel and get a sense for your total market
  • See over 13 years of Federal Contract data via standard and customizable reports, summary or detail


FEDMINETM quickly identifies the prime contractors in your vertical channels winning Federal Contracts.

Knowing when, on what, and how much the Federal Government is spending, together with who is winning that business, and where the opportunities are coming from (agency), empowers YOU to win a share of Federal Contract business!


The FEDMINE Value Proposition for Channel Vendors:
Winning Federal Government Contracts

  • Real-Time Competitive Intelligence Allows Seamless Monitoring Of Your Market
    Real-Time Competitive Intelligence Allows Seamless Monitoring Of Your Market
  • Make Informed Business Decisions In Your Vertical Market
    Make Informed Business Decisions In Your Vertical Market
  • Transparency Into Awards Your Vendors Are Receiving Helps With Your Resource Allocation
    Transparency Into Awards Your Vendors Are Receiving Helps With Your Resource Allocation
  • consolidated
    Efficient Federal Business Development
  • Opportunity Tracking And Alerts
    Opportunity Tracking And Alerts