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FEDMINE™ boasts the most:

  1. Elegantly rich reporting data format of its kind in the federal market place

  2. Relevant key data with multi-level drill down capabilities on all federal contract actions and opportunities data with charts

  3. Comprehensive data source available on federal opportunities, contract actions, GSA data, GAO Protests, DOD, FPDS, Census Bureau and other agency databases, including OMB in an Internet enabled service at an unbelievable value

  4. Comprehensive views of data with vivid snapshots of information not currently available from a single provider.

  5. Quality data with the highest credibility because it is almost exclusively put together from government sources

  6. Fresh and up to date information in an online database that is searchable extensively and integrated elegantly across the board!!


Federal Market Reports

About Contractor Profiles
  1. Data is pre-filtered using a powerful modern database architecture that updates close to a million records daily! The data comes from disparate but authoritative government data sources !!  The benefits that result from such modern technical practices flow directly to your bottom line, some of which are:

  2. Increases awareness of federal spending in near real-time

  3. Helps you as the decision maker with timely information related to your market area of interest catalyzing better quality decisions

  4. Augments information on federal vendors that D&B does not provide in a very “federal specific” way.

  5. Enhances the ability of small business contractors to visualize their federal target market prior to committing marketing resource, thereby helping position their companies in their chosen markets.

  6. Targets a broader market that consists of banks, associations, accounting firms, healthcare organizations, government agencies, government contractors, and other businesses including law firms and those interested in knowing about companies who who are currently doing business with the federal government.

  7. FEDMINE™ is the first federal market tool that provides historical federal contracts and grants data, integrated with daily federal business and grants opportunities enhanced with meaningful data from GSA, GAO, OMB, Census, and DoD.

  8. There is no other system capable of the speed, performance, and affordability of FEDMINE, this is our guarantee. One-click reports are routine, a high chance you will get spoilt, but competing products simply have a hard time in coming even remotely close to create them. Don’t pay several thousand dollars for a static report from which you can’t drill down to details. You cannot afford to live with that in today’s Web 2.0 environment, can you?

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