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Daily updated information provides instant knowledge on agency procurement and small business programs

Features & Benefits for Federal Agencies
Empowers federal contracting officers with a powerful tool that provides real-time visibility into daily buying activity posted in FPDS-NG from contracting offices across the agency and its bureaus. 
Significantly enhances the federal government’s ability to source qualified small business contractors in the shortest possible time by making available the most current pool of vendors relevant to their moment of need. It provides an easy mechanism for increasing diversity and monitoring goals in federal contracting.
Provides a fast and easy method for cross pollination of purchasing strategies between contracting officers across the entire federal government by allowing them to view each others award transactions seamlessly
Uncovers valuable insights into contracting activity by state, county, and congressional districts with rotational analysis on data elements such as Socio Economic Indicators for identifying the top agencies giving business to companies in those counties, states and congressional districts for State & Local reporting.
Enhances decision making for Congressional lawmakers and important Committees on Capitol Hill, including many federally focused professional organizations, with timely, quality, cost-effective federal contracting data. Provides a means to authoritative data quickly and decisively. 
Extends data easily to satisfy State & Local bodies such as County Economic Development Councils for assessing the economic impact of federal contracting in the county.
Enhances value for the taxpayer by making contracting offices well informed about all potential vendors, helping engage more qualified small businesses.
Reduces time wasted by individuals sifting through websites looking for information and piecing bits together to gain aggregated insights. 
Provides valuable insights on contracting activity by state, county, and congressional districts with rotational analysis of socio economic numbers for finding federal contractors, and identifies the top agencies giving business to companies in those counties, states and congressional districts for State & Local reporting, local Economic Development Council data dissemination, and possibly for augmenting Congressional testimonies with authoritative data.Federal_Agencies_Advantage.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
Federally sponsored programs like PTAC offices, Mentor-Protege initiatives, SBDC and SCORE offices and more. 
Federal Contracting Officers
Acquisitions and Program Management Staff
OSDBU & SADBU Professionals, Small Business Liaison Offices
Congressional Lawmakers & Committeeshttp://www.mehanfamily.com/Conference_Flyers/Federal_Government_PTAC_Offices.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
Key Highlights with linked reports
Full and complete buying reports with details showing all buying activity by individual Contracting Offices within your Agency. Dynamic on screen expansion of  data reveals the number of bureaus  utilizing a particular buying activity for fulfillment of purchases. Full vendor listings with hyperlinks and H/V & R* Analysis
vendor RESEARCH 
Complete Federal Contractor Profiles show aggregate contracts for each contractor nested by Agency, with the capability to drill down to individual contracting actions across 6 years of data with one-click. Ability to size all qualified small businesses by applying many filters, viewing sets of 6 graphs, two sets for parents with subsidiaries, one for market share by subsidiary, the other by agency relative strength of each subsidiary.
Six One-click reports generated daily that provide up to date information on awarded contracts ‘POSTED TODAY’, with pre-performed horizontal, vertical, and rotational analysis with drill down to granular information to key information.
horizontal, vertical & rotational analysis  
H /V & R Analysis is the process of  viewing data in a manner that allows  multi-tiered drill down into data.  For example, if you view aggregate procurement data with rows of agencies and years in columns you would be viewing a Horizontal Analysis. A Vertical Analysis would occur when you click on any dollar figure in any year column and drill down into an Agency’s Bureaus & Contracting Offices. Rotational Analysis would be performed when you apply sub-filters like Geographic Location and Socio Status Indicators at each Vertical level you drill down for analysis.http://www.fedmine.us/reports/Top100_1700-N00024_09_1700-NAVY-copyright_FEDMINE.htmlhttp://www.fedmine.us/reports/Top100_1700-N00024_09_1700-NAVY-copyright_FEDMINE.htmlhttp://www.fedmine.us/reports/Federal_Contracts_By_Contracting_Office_for-DUNS:066781956-DEVELOPMENTALTERNATIVES_INC-copyright_FEDMINE.htmlhttp://www.fedmine.us/fedconnect_bizopps/dailyReports/http://www.fedmine.us/reports/FEDERAL_EXPENDITURES_By_BUREAU_CONTRACTING_OFFICES_NESTED_NAICS_PSC_For_Agency--1300-COMMERCE.htmlhttp://www.fedmine.us/reports/FEDERAL_EXPENDITURES_By_BUREAU_CONTRACTING_OFFICES_NESTED_NAICS_PSC_For_Agency--1300-COMMERCE.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5
Dramatically enhance the outreach efforts of Small Business Program Offices
Adds value to internal Agency vendor databases by augmenting them with valuable information
Delivers real time actionable information to Contracting Officers who receive calls from various vendors seeking federal business to view that company’s profile and assess immediate needs for the opportunity at hand
Provides a means to the Agency for taking stewardship on achieving the goals of various federal contract related Executive Orders, such as 13360.
Empowers OSDBU and Contracting staff to easily monitor in near real-time the performance of other agencies in meeting their socio economic contracting goals right down to granular information at the contracting office level.
Transforms internal data collection efforts of Agencies for releasing  small business Goaling reports by freeing valuable time of the already short staffed resources by providing most if not all data needed to finalize reports
Provides an opportunity to web enable Goaling numbers for timely release to achieve shorter time periods between releases easing public suspicions
Enhance the overall ability of all Contracting Offices across the federal government to assist in meeting goals with interconnected historical FPDS data with forward looking business opportunities data and enhanced with GAO Protests and Awards announcements on FEDBIZOPPS
FEDMINE Data Tabulations Overview
Enterprise class database consisting of real-time US federal spending information, categorized by NAICS /PSC codes, Contracting Offices, Agencies & Bureaus, Socio Economic Indicators, Prime Contractor Profiles with Subsidiaries, location, and much more
Cross mapping of federal spending by location from Census & FIPS data standards for cities, towns, counties, places, states, MSA, and CBSA entities as defined by latest OMB announcements. Geographically mapped federal contractors and federal contracting offices to Google maps
Over 80 Million Records, one million plus updated nightly, server replication and data redundancy at a hosting data center.
Over 150,000 Companies updated weekly, and over 2,000 new companies added monthly, with close to 800,000 vendors in the database. Updates includes email, telephone, address, number of employees, revenue and many other elements.
Smart indexing on key columns for creating custom rotational analysis and variations to existing reports
GIS data in FedPoint, used in various reports to provide geographic filters 
Tabulations on most tables for multiple, child-specific reports
Optimized and Rationalized data enhanced in sub-tables with key filters for fast access. Aggregation engine updates and populates new data on the fly DAILY
Multiple iterative variations possible on most reports, such as location, industry sector, contracting off.
Multiple tiers of information in dynamically updated links in all reports, some containing well over a thousand hyperlinks, with complete sets of yearly graphs showing the most up-to-date information in 6 year comparative views. 
Search templates customizable with various elements such as industry codes, business revenue etc. and save to One-Click Access.
Web Services update data daily, providing the most up-to-date data for conducting timely research
FAADS and FPDS comprise the largest components of data on federal contracting entities.
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Analytical Benefits
Ties information so that officers can see what other offices are buying within the agency, and which vendors they are purchasing from and at what prices
Measure the total scope of a relationship with any individual company or group of companies. Identifies subsidiaries that also may be selling into the agency under a different name
Makes it possible to identify buying patterns within agencies for suppliers. This saves significant time and resources, and even enhances a government organization’s ability to analyze and evaluate suppliers, review actual past performance, and determine contracting risks.

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